If you cycle for fun, exercise, commuting, or compulsion, it's important to be well-lit and visible at night. Keeping the helmet lit is a good option because it gives your head extra protection. This helmet, the next in our Lumenhattio project series, has accelerometer-controlled turn signals--just tilt your head right when you're turning right on your bike, and tilt your head left when turning left.

Please note: some of the pictures in this how-to aren't of the best quality. Get in touch with us if you need a clearer picture for any of the steps!

Step 1: Ingredients

For the Helmet/Hat:
For the Circuit:
  • Voltage Regulator (see notes in Step 3) with snap battery connector
  • Two AA batteries
  • One 2x AA battery holder with "snaps"
  • Arduino microcontroller with USB connector/cable (A Lilypad is used in this example)
  • ADXL3xx accelerometer (again, a Lilypad version is used in this example)
  • Six white 10mm LEDs for front lights
  • Six red 10mm LEDs for back lights
  • Twelve yellow and/or blue LEDs for right and left turn signals
  • One Max7221 driver chip. You can order samples of this chip from the Maxim site.
  • One 24-pin chip holder (for the Max chip)
  • One 8-pin mini-DIN Serial cable, about 2 feet long
  • One 4-wire phone cable, about 2 feet long
  • Electrical wire
  • Breadboard
  • One 30 kOhm resistor (or resistors to add to 30 kOhm)
  • One 10 microF and one 100 nanoF capacitor
  • About 50 jumper cables
  • About 30 Alligator clip cables
  • 5 small prototyping boards. I used 4 square boards for the LEDS and 1 circular board for the Max chip.
Helpful tools:
  • Wire stripper/cutter
  • Scissors
  • Soldering iron and Solder
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Cutting tweezers
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Spare parts:
  • accelerometer
  • Max7221 chips (I blew a couple chips and ended up using 3 total)
  • 9V battery (This was what actually blew the chips, I guess my voltage regulator is not the best)
<p>Very unique ...thanks for sharing.</p><p>Build_it_Bob</p>
Love it! &lt;3
Yeah, but does the helmet actually work as a helmet? <br> <br>Or... <br>Will it blend?
Just a little bit hard
Super nice!
wow be cool to modfiy for my projects
couldnt you just use a tilt sensor?

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