Step 6: Conclusions

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So far my brother and I have measured about 200 roller coasters in Europe, Asia and USA.

The unit is versatile platform to use for logging data that is collected from sensors that is connected though a i2c-bus, the only modification to do is in the software logging-loop.
The files the unit is creating is csv-format that is simple to create graph from in ex. Excel.

The next thing to do is make a new sensor that can measure more that +/-6g in the Z-axis.

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enSYS4 years ago
How did you get these graphs ? Matlab ?
lond (author)  enSYS4 years ago
From a custom made QT4-software.
enSYS lond4 years ago
How did you make that ? Coz I'm looking for an observational graph of the logged values that I've but don't have any platform for it.Can you help for the same ?