I've been a fan of Instructables for awhile now, but I finally took the time to create my own piece of furniture and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. This is loosely based off of this coffee table from Homemade-Modern but I didn't want to mess with the concrete, so I created what I call a "mini faux bowling alley floor". Also, I added a shelf.

When my wife and I moved into our new house a year ago, we couldn't figure out what to put in this space on our wall. We tried to order an accent table from Target, but despite it saying that it was yellow online, when we received it and I put it together... my wife informed me that it had a greenish hue. We returned it and have been struggling to find what to do since.

I got annoyed with the space a couple of months ago and took an old, ugly bookshelf that someone gave us and cut the top off. I spray-painted it yellow and it has currently played as an accent table, but it still wasn't cutting it and it was time for "franken-shelf" to go. This project became it's replacement and I think it looks MUCH better.


  • 36" Long 2x2 Fir Balusters (32)
    • At Home Depot, they sell these in packets of 16 for about $16 in my area. I bought 2.
  • Screws
    • I bought 3 inch screws
  • Stain
    • I have used the Varathane stain once before and loved it. This time I got Varathane Poly + Stain, in Kona, at Home Depot for about $12. It's worth it
  • Total Cost: About $45

The first thing I did was cut all of my pieces to the required sizes:

  • 36" - 14 pieces uncut
  • 27" - 7 pieces
  • 18" - 14 pieces
  • 10" - 8 pieces
  • 9" - 7 pieces

Then I sanded all of the ends so that all of the pieces were identical.

Step 1: Create the Top and Shelf

I started by lining up the top pieces exactly how I wanted. I didn't want it to look like there was a pattern, so I made sure to mix it up by making the cuts show at random places. Also, I rotated the pieces around so that different shades of the grain would show, planning towards the stain showing those differences well.

I started at the front and then screwed the second row pieces into the first, making sure to keep them clamped and level. I continued to work my way back screwing each of the pieces into the one in front, leaving me with only one piece that had screws showing, in the very back (mine was going against a wall and I wasn't worried about the screws showing. I sanded the top and edges again to ensure a level top.

The shelf is made exactly like the top, except that it is only 7 5/8" wide rather than 10".

Very nice! looks much better than the store bought table
Thanks Adam!
Beautiful job! You did great for you first ible. Keep them coming
Thanks! I hope to post more soon!

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