This instructable is a combination of a few ideas that ive seen here on instructables.  Ha4xor4life put out an instructable called Check up on your personal file server with ease.  It is a good idea but it required a monitor with two inputs and i don't have that.  It also required that the server had to be next to the original computer so the cables will reach.  I recently got my little Compaq Deskpro p3 computer from the company that i work for.  I wanted to do what Ha4xor4life did but my goal was to be able manage my little ftp server without having it right next to my main computer.  This is easily done through my windows workgroup by using  the Remote Desktop Connection feature.  Currently i have an FTP server in my parents basement 300 miles away from my apartment.  I use the tools i describe in this instructable to manage my ftp server.

Step 1: Prepare and Setup the Server

Your server needs to be setup so that it can turn on and get to your desktop just by pressing the power button.  That way if the power goes out or you want to turn off your file server for whatever reason you can just press the power button and it will go to the windows welcome screen.  I turned off my servers firewall because firewalls cause access problems for some things and im not worried about getting viruses on my server.  It doesn't surf the internet and pick up bugs like a regular computer.  ***IMPORTANT NOTE***  You will not be able to access your server unless you give the profile a password.  I don't use a password on my main computer but to use this feature on your server you will need to.  Go to start>control panel>user accounts>change an account>pick your account and make sure it is password protected and if its not give it a password.  You have to have the server hooked up to a monitor, mouse and keyboard to do this stuff.  Obvious, I know but i get confused on some instructables sometimes so i thought id just put this in.

<p>You could use TeamViewer for that, you know? AND you dont need Hamachi, it can connect over the internet without port fowarding. It can do VPN's and file sharing, as well FOR FREE!!</p>
yeah I know. this is such an old instructable. I don't even do the noob level of windows desktop as a server. team viewer wasn't something that was on my radar at the time but is a valid suggestion.
on the first pic on the intro, are you serious that you are a wired access point or are you just joking around?
Yeah, it happened to a buddy of mine. Now I use him to surf the internet while we're out int he bush or something.
This is why Instructables needs a &quot;Like&quot; button... xD
i know right.
He is serious.
Buy a 1.1 supported audio USB adapter. You can get them pretty cheap, and they have headset and mic!<br />
yeah i thought about getting a pci card to do that from the thrift store but then i realized my tv tuner card was crappy quality video so ill wait til i get that stuff to mess around with it again.&nbsp; i dont like the usb ones because i dont like using usb add in cards when i have pci ports. i think that pci cards look much neater.<br />
pci ftw! all desktop computers in my household are fitted with a pci wireless adaptor.
You want mini power? 10-12 hour battery? get a pandora! Just finished design, $330, should start shipping all the preorders after CNY<br /> www.openpandora.org<br />
&nbsp;Why not&nbsp;Pentium&nbsp;4 power?
us college kids gotta use what we can get our hands on.&nbsp; my main computer is a amd 64 or whatever is p4 equivalent but i got a bunch of p3 s from work and nothing is quite as good to me as reusing old unwanted hardware for projects such as this or the xbox media center which is like my favorite toy.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;Yeah, I have five or six p2s. My main computer has a AMD Athlon.
&nbsp;P3 POWAAAAAA!!!

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