Accessible scooter with putt-putt attachment

Picture of Accessible scooter with putt-putt attachment
This is a portable stander with an attachment to be able to play putt putt.

My youngest son has Muscular Dystrophy and has very weak muscles.

I originally made a scooter for him, and when my older son wanted to play putt-putt, thought of a way to expand the idea so we could all play together. 

It uses 1-1/4" PVC pipe for the framing, 3/4" PVC pipe for the putter, a scrap piece of shelving to stand on, scrap material for the seat, and hose clamps and carabiners to attach the seat to the frame.

Follow this link to see it in action:

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Step 1: The scooter frame

Picture of The scooter frame
First step is to make the scooter...

1.  Cut 4 pieces of 1-1/4" pipe to make a square.  I made mine 12" inches long.
2.  Cut 4 pieces of 1-14" pipe for the legs.  Make the height comfortable for whoever will be using it.
3.  Connect together with 4-way slip connectors.
4.  Add caster wheels -- I got the fittings here: http://www.formufit.com/1-1-4-7-16-pvc-caster-pipe-cap/
The wheels I got from HomeDepot

Step 2: The Scooter Top

Picture of The Scooter Top
1.  Flip frame over on top of the wood to be used as the seat.
2.  Draw around the pipe frame.
3.  Cut-out using a jigsaw.

Step 3: Scooter Arms

Picture of Scooter Arms
1.  At this point, add arms using 1-14" pipe and elbow joints if you want to use this as a scooter.

Step 4: Stander Attachment

Picture of Stander Attachment
1.  Add 4 1-1/4" pipes to the four corners. 

My height was 2 ft to make it chest high.

Step 5: The Seat

Picture of The Seat
I made a pattern out of paper to start out with.  I mostly guessed at the size.  I measured my son across his rear to guess at the large width dimension.

I used the pattern to cut two layers of scrap material I had and I sewed it together.

I flipped the tabs down to make loops and sewed back and forth many times to hopefully make the seam strong.
rivkameir1 year ago
If at some point you need padding over tubing (to prevent injury) pool noodles are just dandy. Cut length you need, cut the piece lengthwise & fasten over the tubing with duct tape
artlife2 years ago
Excellent! I am going to use part of your design to add a club to my wife's walker. Thanks.
a awesome idea !