Accessories for the Goth Bride





Introduction: Accessories for the Goth Bride

Not everyone wants a white wedding. Here's for the rebel bride who still likes a classic design.
The Rose is made of a black calico from last halloween. It has a leather leaf (with hot-glued veins), and delicate gold chain, both darkened with acrylic paint and  hot-glued on to a leather base attached to a safety pin.
The Bracelet is made of antique lace with a leather oval frame and glass beads sewn on. It has a decorative clasp in back (not shown).  



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    For my wedding I wanted to do a goth theme oh so badly. Theres a cemetery by where my fiancee lives that has a little English chapel, and they do weddings. I had visions of a Victorian black lace dress, dead roses, etc. Unfortunately my parents wont help me out unless its a "traditional wedding" :( Im going to try to sneak some goth touches to my wedding though.

    Mmm. Sounds less like they want you to have your wedding and more like they want you to have their wedding with different players.

    Paying for the wedding is supposed to be a gift, and gifts are supposed to be used as the recipient wishes. It really burns me when someone uses money to try to leverage things the way they want them.

    I don't know how far you've gone yet, but if I were you, I'd hold off, save up, and have the most important day of my life on a budget, but on my budget, my way.