Step 5: Assembling the Lamp

After these steps you should be ready to assemble everything.
these LED-strips have a glue-side, so make sure to glue them to the profile
so they can't move, if any wire touches the aluminium profile, you could get a shock
by touching one of them if they make contact with wires.
To be sure that these wires didn't move, i used a silicone paste to keep them in place.
After this proces you can plug in the lamp and normally it should work.
bagus idenya..
Very nice idea. <br>Another idea would be to use rope style LED string so that the light dispersed will be 360deg thereby giving all round lighting unless you only intended for directional ? <br>Could also be fitted with solar panel and small rechargeable supply so can be used anywhere anytime :) <br>Maybe set up with flashing mode in red as warning marker lights.
Thanks for comment ! <br>It was ment to be used as directional lighting, but I'm sure a 360deg dispersed light could be nice too. This is a first attempt, other attempts to improve it will follow once I got more time !
What if you made this into an adjustable hanging lamp, so that you could vary how wide it is. Then put two led strips on the tip of each accordion section, so that the angle between them gets closer to 180 degrees the wider the lamp gets, or gets closer to 0 degrees the shorter the lamp gets, so that you can vary the light beam width inversely with the width of the lamp. I hope that is comprehensible...
I can post some pics if you don't understand.
Pic's would be great, because I'm not sure I understand what you mean.. I was thinking about making adjustments to the design so I can place it above my drawingtable for example, maybe add more LEDs to it but in a way I can choose how many LEDs are used (depending on how much light I need) But this will be when I have more time, when school is over because now I have to much work for exams! Thnx for the comment by the way..

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