Accordion Book





Introduction: Accordion Book

After finishing a unit on Landscape painting with my first graders I thought it would be fun for them to create another project using their newfound painting skills. All kids love to make books so we made accordion books with tiny "springtime" landscape paintings to enhance the front and back covers.

Step 1: Supplies

4"X6" canvas panels (I get mine from a supply source on line called Cheap Joes) you will need 2 per book

acrylic paints


glue 6"X16" paper for pages

Step 2: Paint the Panels

As I mentioned the students had just finished learning about Landscape paintings, they did brainstorming sketches of things you might find in a springtime landscape. Finally they made two sketches to transfer to their panels. Transferred one each to the front and back pieces. Using acrylics they painted their landscapes.

Step 3: Fold the Pages

turn in one folded edge the size of one panel, fan fold the rest of the paper

Step 4: Glue Pages

cover the back sides of the two panels with glue

Plce one end of the fold paper onto one panel.

Place the other panel on to and let dry flat

Step 5: Finish

when the pages are dry the accordion book is complete.



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    Wonderful... Awesome project for kids...