Step 5: Create a Closure

Keeping the wallet closed can be as simple as a loose rubber band or binder clip, or as complicated as you want. What you use will heavily depend on your cover material. Paper can't take much (e.g. rubber band, tabs), fabric can take a great deal more (e.g. buttons with string, snaps).

For my paper samples, I chose to make a tab for one and a captured rubber band for the other.

Captured Rubber Band: Find a light-strength rubber band that is barely snug around the width of the closed wallet. Cut the cover-flap from the end into thirds width-wise---cut maybe 1/3 of the length of the cover-flap (I cut up to 1/2, but I think 1/3 would have been better). Fold middle tab in half, glue it to itself. Fold again in half, place rubber band in the fold and glue down, capturing the rubber band. Fold side tabs and glue to give it a little extra strength.

Tab: Cut a slit into the middle of the "front", the side covered by the top cover-flap. In the cover-flap, cut a tab as wide as the slit and all the way up to the level of the slit underneath. Fold over and glue as you wish---I made a double-thickness tab with the sides folded over for some added strength.

omg i got an idea.... u cut the tabs off so it looks just like a square accordian then you glue the bottom flab onto the bottom of an altoids tin! use the cover as the... well cover!
<p>That is pretty good idea!!!</p><p>(LOL I only saw this now. 8 years later.....)</p>
turned out okay.
What I did was make it, cover it in duct tape (because the backing was paper too) and taped it inside one of my wallet pouches and it turned out great!
I love this so much I made it and use it all the Time now thanks for the instructions
this is awesome! i just got a motorcycle and am looking for a new wallet for that, and this would b great. only im looking for something with a chain. i was thinking maybe a bike chain to complete the theme :D only that might be too thick. anyways, does this hold cash too or just cards? thanks
only holds cards but if u do the altoids thing to it you can put the bills on top or if u only glue the end of the accordian the very edge you can pick up the accordian and have hidden bills!
eh, if you made it wide and long enough for a bill and then maybe made one compartment slightly thicker it could totally hold cash, and probably do a good job. no more folded bills! (unless you designed it to hold bills folded in half)
using material cut from a shipping envelope, or perhaps tyvek if you can get it. my current wallet is a commercially manufactured tyvek thing, it's incredibly durable, lightweight, and waterproof.
i dont think its merely friction holding the cards; but mechanical compression created through the design of the wallet in addition to friction
really the friction is directly related to the pressure of the wallet on the cards, as well as the contact patch - so everyone's right!
this is so awesome
Love it! and i'm surely gonna make one! it is so easy...
This would be awesome:<br /> Make it so that you insert the cards &quot;long-edge&quot; first, then glue the top to the lid of an altoids container, and attach the bottom. Voila! Protected, crush proof, cool looking, water resistant wallet/ card carrier.<br />
folding took a bit of time, but thank you very much, i know have a wallet that costs nothing :-) great instructable
Thank you so much for this! I made a little flap-close envelope to put keys in, then added it as the stabilizer in the center of the accordion. Now I have a nice small wallet that also holds my spare car keys! I love this!
Cool ima do a tiny bit difrent though its simple and nice i like it :D
I just finished it. Really liked the idea. for a cover i used the film from the inside of a keyboard (kinda like transparency film) with duct tape edging, and to keep it closed I bent over the inner loop of a small paper clip for a hook and used a soda tab as a loop
Love it, but I never carry a lot of cards.
nice, may make some up as business cards to give out (a business card holder business card!)
The design could be made a lot stronger by using tyvek for teh sides and body. It's virtually indestructable and behaves like paper but is moisture reistant. You can use an old priority mailer. You could also add individual pockets to the inside to seperate cash from card.
hey if we mande the card biger we can put a CD in it : )
yes, love this one !!! great idea
I really like this. Unlike some of the other wallets, which are mere fashion designs, this one actually solves a problem in a simple, elegant way. And is really easy to make. I also like that the idea could be used with almost any materials. Bravo!
It seems like all I carry these days are cards, though I suppose folded cash would fit in here as well. Will have to try that....
<pre>This is a great addition to the keyboard wallet, I made a pocket in the keyboard wallet that is accordion style. It works like a charm. Also, I added packing tape to this to make it more durable.</pre>
Thanks for the nice comments, everyone B-)
Well done! Very clear pictures to accompany the simple, smart design. +1!
Great idea! Functional, fast access, fun to make.
Excellent, well done, great pix.
This is awesome. I think this is a contender.
Cool! I like this one, nice, simple, and elegant =)<br/>

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