This instructable will tell you all that you need to no to get a perfect score on the essay section of the new SAT.

Step 1: The Basics

The most important thing to know about the essay is that you do not have to be a good writer to get a 12. All you need to do is know the formula presented here and apply it on the test day.

On the test day you will be presented with a very broad topic for example, is it ever okay to tell a lie and can success be disastrous. These questions can be answered in many shades of gray, however this is not what the grader are looking for. To get a high score you need to choose either yes it is okay to tell a lie or no one should never tell a lie, following the example above.

Once you choose your position you will need to clearly state what you support and provide good examples to support it, but these examples do not need to be completely true, they just need to support your point of view well.

Once you have taken your position and come up with the ideas that you will use to support it, you will need to form it into an essay. The 25 minutes provided is not nearly enough time to think of good examples and write a well organized essay so it is essential that you prepare.

This guide will help your prepare by providing generic examples that can be applied to almost any topic plus a formula that outlines sentence by sentence how you can apply the broad ideas to get a high scoring essay.
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