This is my take on the pop can camp stove. I didn't have any other fuel so I used acetone, but you should be able to use almost any liquid fuel, but choose what you put in it carefully, you wouldn't want to put something like petrol in it. Also it has a removable pot holder that slips over it so that you don't have to make a separate one and carry around. It is thin and when empty can easily be slipped into a pocket to take with you on any camping trip.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what you do with this, used properly it should be relatively safe, but as anytime you deal with fire BE CAREFUL.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that acetone is carcinogenic, so don't use it.
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Step 3: Now hammer out the round part

To make it hold the fuel better, use a hammer to flatten down the round part and make it bulge out the other way. Next, on the skinnier bottom use the awl to punch holes around the rim about half an inch apart, and about 10 of them in the center in any manner you want then hammer out the round part. I didn't put my holes in until after i had it bulged out, it should be done before.
IdahoDavid5 years ago
A good basic design for the stove. I would recommend you stay away from acetone as a fuel, however. Denatured alcohol (methylated spirits on the other side of the pond) are your best bet. Burns clean and with much less smell than you are going to get with fingernail polish remover.
harley_rly (author)  IdahoDavid5 years ago
yeah, thats for sure lol. but thats all i had handy and it worked.
Acetone is not a carcinogen. We use tonnes of the stuff at work without issue. The worst it'll do is dry your skin by removing the natural oils.
If you're burning pure acetone it shouldn't smell (available at auto shops).
I would strongly suggest burning something less volatile though as acetone can be ignited from even static shock sparks! Beware the stuff. We have to have all our tanks grounded. The vapours are super easy to ignite.
Another good reason not to use acetone is it'll melt a lot of plastics on contact!
harley_rly (author)  lasersage5 years ago
junits155 years ago
try some ethyl rubbing alcohol, get the highest concentration and proof you can find.
nonickname5 years ago
Great work! Acetone and it's byproducts are carcinogenic, especially the fumes if burnt in insufficient oxygen like this! Excellent, cancer causing stove!
NOT!!! Where are you getting your information from? I hate pseudo science and half @$$ed praticioners of it. Acetone is not a carcinogene, matter of fact, it is a normal by product of metabolism. I guess your also one of the wackos that also thing C02 is a carcinogen.
menot menot5 years ago
Read up!

Knowledge is power, misinformation is crap!!!
harley_rly (author)  nonickname5 years ago
wow, i didn't know that. Thanks for warning me...but I don't see anywhere on the label where it mentions being a carcinogen.