Achieving Light Speed With a Stick




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Introduction: Achieving Light Speed With a Stick

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Theory for achieving light speed.

Step 1: Ferro Theory

I created this theory myself. It hypothesizes through simple calculations how long a stick needs be to achieve light speed at the top by moving it 45° in 1 second. Blah! What a mouthful! Anyways its easier than it sounds.

Step 2: Calculations

First I started with graphing the concept on paper. I found out that a foot at 90° put at a 45° angle had a 9 7/8 of an inch length. So if x=ft. then y=x•9 7/8. I put this in a table as seen in the second picture. but this has to equal at least 186000 miles per second. So 186000 • 52140( to convert the feet to miles) = 9698040000. ahhh! big number! x • 9 7/8 = 9698040000.
x = 982080000 miles. this means that the stick needs to be 982080000 miles long. now this is a huge number but can be lowered by moving the stick faster at a right angle or even an obtuse angle. thanks for reading. please vote for me!



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    a really good video to exaclty this thematic can be found @ minute phyics:

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    This video is my response when anyone say that you cant go faster than the speed of light, I just pull out my phone and google minute physics. Works every time ;)

    It's good to do this as the speed of light is so fast it is difficult to comprehend. Going through this idea relates the speed to something else which helps to understand the reality of such huge numbers. Well done.

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    now work out the amount of force\energy required to spin that stick as fast as needed for it's end to travel at the speed of light, or faster.

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    thanks for the feedback. I may update it later.

    I love your search for answers. In this case it is not practical to achieve this feat in reality. But do keep solving puzzles.

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    yah. that's why it just a theory. thanks!

    Sticks bend.