Here's a remedy I stumbled on while treating a burn. 

I had been using a 3/1 mixture of Tea Tree & Oregano Oil to treat a burn caused buy flying/burning metal (long story) when I got tired of applying the oil with a dropper and looking like I had just rubbed baby oil on my face. So I mixed it into my body wash, I immediately noticed that my skin was clearing, after my burn healed I stopped using the mixture to confirm my suspicions...which where confirmed in about a weeks time.

Soon there after I began to do a little more research and found that Tea Tree & Oregano Oil does the following: fights bacterial infections, fungal infections, relieves insect bites, rashes and abrasions and soothes skin to stimulate the healing. ( Probably should done the research before but I just asked the attendant at the local vitamin shop to recommend something) 

As to to bug repellent aspect, I have always been a mosquito magnet and noticed soon after mixing it into my body soap that I had far fewer mosquito bites. 


Step 1: Ingredients

Here's  what you will need:
12oz Fragrance FREE body/hand soap (I prefer Aveeno(R))

Tea Tree & Oregano Oil* with dropper
*If you wish to mix your own it is:
3 parts Tea Tree Oil / 1 part Oregano Oil

Or you can just get some that is prepared 

Note these oils are very strong and if not handled properly can cause burns

Step 2: Mix It

This part is the fun part.

Fill your dropper with the solution and add 5* drops to your soap and then pretend its a "Shake Weight "

*Add more drops as needed (the solution is quite strong and I have found that 5 drops is sufficient) 

Step 3: Use It

Um, I don't think I need to explain much here...I hope.
* Its also a great substitute for shaving cream

Let me know how it works for you.
Tea Tree was used extensively during the First World War by the Australian and New Zealand troops to treat and prevent trench foot, I personally have use TT to treat everything in the cut, burn, spot line. works everytime. Much underused product.
I agree, thanks for the history. It also works great on blisters, wildland fire fighters always carry some, its a must have for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.

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