By: Charlie DeTar, Christina Xu, Boris Kizelshteyn, Hannah Perner-Wilson

A digital wind chime with hanging acorns. Sound is produced by a remote speaker, and data about chime strikes is uploaded to Pachube.

Step 1: Brainstorming for a Device That Would Represent Ourselves

Our goal was to come up with a project which represented our personalities, and used an Arduino. We decided to use a LilyPad -- but hadn't settled on anything else. A week went by, and we shot ideas back and forth over email. We wanted to have it make sound, wanted to have it have something to do with nature, wanted to keep it simple enough that we could actually implement it in the available time.

The idea of doing a wind chime thing came up -- the actuation is simple (just switches, no fancy temperature or humidity sensors to configure), so it seemed feasible. It provides nature, sound, and a nice form-factor in the LilyPad for that! But how should it work? Should it record the wind and play it back later with a button press? Should it transmit the wind knocks remotely to another place? Real time or shifted? Real location or shifted?

We got together, and Charlie brought some acorns; their natural beauty sealed the form factor of hanging acorns under the LilyPad. We decided to make the sound actuation real-time, but slightly remote (a speaker separate from the chimes), and to include a wireless module to upload the data to http://pachube.com.
You guys seemed to be really excited about this project, I understand that it reflects your personalities, but for the rest of us what is an Arduino, and a Lily pad that is not really for frogs? Just a little bit of information in the intro would help others to be as excited by what you have done as you are. It seems to be a really well done 'ible except for the video of happy people with just a few seconds of sound. Is the sound from acorns hitting each other? It's not a project I want to do but I would love to understand why you are so happy about it.
&quot;for the rest of us&quot;? <br>Speak for yourself, guy. It's kind-of commond knowledge around here.
It is now, but that comment is 2 years old.
I think plusea expects that if you are reading this, you would know what an arduino lilypad is :)
Oh Sweet, oh sweet, oh sweet. I am inspired! Make my nips hard! Great idea. Thanks
Hi-I have a BluetoothMate and LilyPad. I followed the instructions and managed to pair Bluetooth and computer- But.. (not having the good fortune to look at this tutorial before), I couldn't figure out how to make a connection and decided to remove the device. Now the Bluetooth device is not flashing red and isn't found by my computer. In short I can't restablish a pairing with my computer and the bluetooth device isn't working. Great Tutorial I wish I had found it sooner!

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