Picture of Acorn Whistle
In this instructable, I will show you how to make an acorn make a high pitched, whistling sound.

Step 1: Materials

An acorn shell,
 your hands,
and your mouth.
TheGeek19844 years ago
Y'know, if you hold it right in your hands, you can also do this with the cap of a plastic soda bottle. I learned this when I wanted to whistle, but there weren't any acorn caps around because of the lack of trees. It's even more fun to use bottle caps because it's not something people immediately associate with that high pitched whistle. :)
thats not an acorn thats an acorn CAP. i cant wait to try it

I learn how to do this at camp in 5th grade.  Good memories.  The best part is the pitch is determined by the size of the acorn.  The bigger the acorn the lower the pitch and small ones give high pitch.  Though the really small ones are harder unless you have small thumbs but the result can be deafening.

Geek Gecko (author) 5 years ago
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rimar20005 years ago
I remember my friends placed the acorn cap between the middle and ring fingers, leaving a crack through which blew hard. The noise was deafening. I never managed to do it.
jgeekw5 years ago
i was actually trying to remember how to do this today! what a coincidence!!