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This is my first Instructable, so please bear with me.
I also apologize for the cliche of announcing this is my first Instructable.
While searching on the Youtube, I discovered a video of a man named "Addi" playing an acoustic bass, made entirely out of balloons! In another video, Addi explained how to make one (see below). After watching the video and trying to reconstruct, I determined it was very hard for a boy who could barely blow-up a balloon. So I improvised.


Step 1: Materials

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These sizes aren't needed, in example Addi used larger ones, but these are the balloons I used.

1 - 12 inch circular balloon. This will be the body and resonance.

1 - 12 inch long balloon. This will be the string.

1 small rubber band

Some duct tape

Step 2: Tape the Long Balloon

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This is how your string will stay in place, so the long balloon has to be secure within the Duct Tape. Place an end on the side of a small piece of duct tape, then fold the ends inward. Pull the balloon a little to make sure it won't come out easily. Then get a larger piece of duct tape and cover the other piece, making it into a ball-sort-of-thing.

Step 3: Place Long Balloon in Circle

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Simply put the now-duct-taped end of the long balloon on the end of the circle balloon and turn it inside out.

Step 4: Secure It In

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Grab the duct tape ball and wrap the rubber band around the bottom. You want this to be secure, but not too tight. this will break the circular balloon. If the circular balloon breaks, nothing real bad happens, but your bass wont sound as sincere. 

Step 5: Blow, Twist, and Loop!

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The "hard" parts are over. Just blow up the circluar balloon, tie it off. Twist the long balloon, adds torque. Lastly tie a little loop at the end for putting your finger through. Voila! You are done and have your very own acoustic Balloon Bass!

Step 6: There's a Hole!

Picture of There's a Hole!
If a hole appears, one is most likely to occur around the string, just get a small peice of duct tape and patch it up.

Step 7: How to Play

Addi explained it very well at the end of the video, so I suggest watching that.
If not, hold the base between your forearm, hold the string in your other hand. Then you basically just pull the string further away to make the pitch slightly higher, and closer for the opposite result. For large changes, pull on the string with your other fingers. As I said, Addi explained it very well near the end of the video. 



iamtoats (author)2010-01-04

Thats so cool!
Nice instructable! 
Addi's got some serious talent...

aarobro56 (author)iamtoats2010-01-05
That he does!
If you go on his youtube profile, inflatable music, there is a video about a man that made a full organ out of an air pump, balloons, hoses, and some pipes. Its crazy.

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