Step 6: Zither Pins

Picture of Zither Pins
So I wanted a simple system to tune the strings, and a little research showed me that there is no simpler tuner in the universe than the zither pin. Just drill a hole with a 3/16 bit, and then screw the pin into the hole, done. You can turn the tuners with a clock key (also sold on the site where I got these).
I lov ethe idea of making your own instruments XD was wondering where you got the zither pins though ^_^ I could do with some myself for my project XD and if I'm allowed may I alter the instructions for my own kind of instrument? Am planning to make my own Guzheng and was kinda getting annoyed when I couldn't find any instructions for them :(

Am really glad you made the Vulcan Lyre as it seemed interesting and looks simple enough for me to make a Guzheng via these simple instructions XD

Hope you'll let me alter the instructions so I can make my own Guzheng ^_^ it much cheaper than buying a full Guzheng made in some other country ((the price for the cheapest Guzhengs are way too high even by British standards!!!))

Keep it up! You're doing a great job  XD  XD  XD
D10D3 (author)  LittleRedDragon23865 years ago
Please feel free to use these plans to build any kind of instrument you want. Using the same basic method you could make all sorts of instruments. As for the zither pins you can get them and a lot of other handy stuff here: