Picture of Acrylic Guitar LED mod
I put a string of ASDA's finest cheap LEDs into my acrylic guitar

Stuff used:

- Acrylic Guitar
- Blue LEDs from ASDA (�3.50)
- A Rocker Switch salvaged from a broken laptop power supply
- A bunch of Icicle sticks which were saved up (I knew they might come in handy)
- Soldering iron
- A Drill
- A steel rule
- Screwdrivers
- My brother's arm. I didn't have a set of helping hands at this point

This took about 30minutes and (I think) looks pretty awesome

EDIT: If you mess up your guitar, It's not my fault, it's your own, so please don't try to sue me or anything =D
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Step 1: Making Battery Space

Picture of Making Battery Space
I never use the tremelo system on my guitar (partly because I didn't get a tremelo arm with it, and partly because it throws my guitar out of tune) so I figured I could lock down the bridge... somehow

Then I found a bunch of old icicle sticks lying around and jammed them between the bridge and the body of the guitar and removed the springs. this left a perfect space for the battery compartment.

Obviously, since the switch is on the compartment, this was going to be awkward for switching the lights on/off. So the switch was left on and another switch was inserted in the wiring.

Step 2: Switch Placement

Picture of Switch Placement
Since the battery compartment is in an awkward place for swithing the LEDs on/off another switch has to be added. So, I decided put the switch beside the pickup selector and the volume knobs.

A hole was marked and drilled out and the edges filed down in the scratchplate of the guitar

Step 3: Wiring in the Switch

Picture of Wiring in the Switch
So, now the hole for the switch has been cut the new switch can be wired in.

NB: remember to put the wires through the hole before you solder them onto the switch, otherwise you'll have to de-solder them and re-solder them correctly because, chances are, you won't be able to put the switch through the hole (depending on the type of switch).

I almost forgot to put the wires through ."

and Thanks to my brother for being my 'helping hands' =]

ooh, and remember to connect the spring holders to the bridge with a wire. Otherwise the electronics won't be grounded and you'll get some buzz. At least, I think so anyway

Step 4: Let there be light!

Picture of Let there be light!
Fix the switch into position and screw the scratchplate back down and voila.

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PeeB4Ugo3 years ago
I would add these strings


they rock \m/
WillsBradford (author)  PeeB4Ugo3 years ago
They look amazing!
Denbball3 years ago
Beginning May 1 2012, DJ Guitars will be offering Acrylic Modular guitars with your choice of graphics and lighting inside for under $900 Will keep you posted with the progress.
jgwak3 years ago
is this battery powered? or is it somehow connect to the pickups or something? because just by putting it in and soldering all together wont actually light up the LEDs. : /

WillsBradford (author)  jgwak3 years ago
Uhh, yeah, I probably should've mentioned that.

The string of LEDs I bought had a battery pack connected to it :)
I am about to rout an acrylic guitar on my cnc and maybe i could throw a battery cavity into the cad drawing

Thanks so much

Also if you sand sertant parts of the acrylic or drill holes in it those willlight up brighter, look into it
You should make a video of it and post it here, I mean, a picture looks nice and all, but I'm sure it'd be nice to see it in action =]

It'd also be awesome to make it a strobe light! haha
i have experiance with blocked trems and the best thing to do if you want your guitar to stay in tune the best is to buy another spring and have four on it. the strats i have it on barley go out of tune
jeff-o6 years ago
It really begs the question, "If you have an acrylic guitar, why wouldn't you install LEDs??"

Very cool.
 i have an Acrylic guitar, had it for a while so im looking to...spice things up a bit, so adding LEDs seems a good way to do so, but the reason i hadnt installed them earlier is because....i love my guitar, and if something goes wrong i'd be devastated i'd screwed my guitar

a reasonable answer for a rhetorical question =) lol
I was kinda wondering the same thing.
I'm about to try this with a floyd rose. the process should be the same but if theres anything that i should know about...
WillsBradford (author)  tj the gnome6 years ago
I'm not sure what the Floyd Rose tremelo system's like inside.
But it should be similar.

Bear in mind, if you mess it up completely, It's not my fault =D
that guitar is sic
rite bac
g2g bye
This is Pretty cool, but where can i get a cheap acrylic guitar?
i dont no but my brotha got hes from sydney
WillsBradford (author)  tj the gnome6 years ago
Not sure, Try eBay? I just found one in a local Music Store
ya i found some cool ones on ebay, they even have a randy rhodes one! i know how i'm doing this now, haha.
DylanD41946 years ago
Pretty sick man..... you need to add multicolor lights and a selector switch. that way you can change it up from time to time. or better yet, a circuit that has different color lights sinked with the strings.
Koelker126 years ago
that is possibly one of the coolest guitars ive ever seen.
WillsBradford (author)  Koelker126 years ago
Thanks =]
riconaka6 years ago
This is the coolest mod! thank you! I've been wanting to do this to my acrylic Mockingbird. Where in the guitar did you install the LEDs?
WillsBradford (author)  riconaka6 years ago
Thanks. Awesome, Mockingbirds look pretty cool. I put the LEDs under the Scratchplate
Now all we need is an ible on how to make an acrylic guitar! That would be awesome.
WillsBradford (author)  RapidMustang6 years ago
I did think about trying to make my own acrylic guitar, but slabs of acrylic are about £100... and I'm skint xD
Hamb06 years ago

ALMOST as good as mine :P


I would enter it for this contest but blah blah only published since start of yadda yadda. Its only some daft monkey lights anyway..

Anyway, nice instructibly. Hope to see more.
WillsBradford (author)  Hamb06 years ago
Nice, it looks pretty cool with the different colours =]
daniel20086 years ago
it would be great if you tried making a multi colored LED equalizer, so the lights would react/change to the music being played
WillsBradford (author)  daniel20086 years ago
Awesome idea, I might try it sometime =]
FlameSnake6 years ago
U have this contest in the bag pretty much this is INSANE BUT i dont have a guitar :( o well i still vote urs when i can:)
WillsBradford (author)  FlameSnake6 years ago
Thanks, but I wouldn't say that. There's a lot of awesome stuff and there's still quite a bit of time.
Thanks anyway =]
Iridium76 years ago
does the acrylic sound good?
acrylic has a bright tone to it. you wont get a lot of bass out of it.
WillsBradford (author)  Iridium76 years ago
I think it sounds pretty cool, but I'm no expert =]
all i needed was an opinion. :)
WillsBradford (author)  Iridium76 years ago
I thought acrylic guitars looked nice WITHOUT lights... This is just plain awesome. Only downside is that the only acrylic guitar I can purchase from the Guitar Center near me is approximately $3000. I don't remember what it's called, but I think it's an artist signature.
youre thinking of the dan armstrong sig model. go on ebay and look for GALVESTON model guitars. they make surprisingly good acrylic guitars for pretty cheap. (150ish) dont be fooled by they price. the hardware and craftsmanship on it is good
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