Everybody needs a special friend, even if you're alone in your cubicle.

Lots of people liked the original Moodmonster, but I decided that I could do with something both more durable and more practical.

So, just before I lost access to a lasercutter, I decided to create an acrylic pen pot from Moodmonster.

Step 1: Materials and tools

Moodmonster is cut from a sheet of 3mm acrylic, using a desktop-sized laser cutter.

I used black because the choice of colours in the acrylic we had spare was black or a sort of... beige.  I didn't think about how hard it would be to photograph a relatively featureless, shiny, black box...

I also used some two-part epoxy, masking tape and a small file.

Is the face glued in place, or are you still able to change its mood?
It's glued - if it wasn't, it would fall off as soon as a pen leaned on it.
Just a thought, if you replaced the face with clear acrylic then you could cut a selection of different expressions from the coloured acrylic. You could use thin self adhesive magnetic tape to hold the face in place but make them easily changeable. <br>http://www.tape2go.com/Category/Magnetic-Tape/68
Nice idea, but a little late - as of today, I no longer have access to a laser cutter.
Oh well, pity about that. <br>Since I changed jobs I really miss having access to a decent workshop with an industrial CNC router.
thats cool kiteman but happy or constipated? :-) I can never tell!
LOL, it was supposed to be a wicked grin!

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