Picture of Acrylic Moodmonster
Everybody needs a special friend, even if you're alone in your cubicle.

Lots of people liked the original Moodmonster, but I decided that I could do with something both more durable and more practical.

So, just before I lost access to a lasercutter, I decided to create an acrylic pen pot from Moodmonster.

Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
Moodmonster is cut from a sheet of 3mm acrylic, using a desktop-sized laser cutter.

I used black because the choice of colours in the acrylic we had spare was black or a sort of... beige.  I didn't think about how hard it would be to photograph a relatively featureless, shiny, black box...

I also used some two-part epoxy, masking tape and a small file.

yellowcatt2 years ago
Is the face glued in place, or are you still able to change its mood?
Kiteman (author)  yellowcatt2 years ago
It's glued - if it wasn't, it would fall off as soon as a pen leaned on it.
Just a thought, if you replaced the face with clear acrylic then you could cut a selection of different expressions from the coloured acrylic. You could use thin self adhesive magnetic tape to hold the face in place but make them easily changeable.
Kiteman (author)  yellowcatt2 years ago
Nice idea, but a little late - as of today, I no longer have access to a laser cutter.
Oh well, pity about that.
Since I changed jobs I really miss having access to a decent workshop with an industrial CNC router.
thats cool kiteman but happy or constipated? :-) I can never tell!
Kiteman (author)  liquidhandwash2 years ago
LOL, it was supposed to be a wicked grin!