This is a case mod i made after school one day, i forgot to take pics until i was too far in :( so no instructable, anyway thought you might like to see :D
<p>Will regular hot glue work to stick the acrylic together? What about silicone caulk?</p>
nice mod
Awesome! What kind of USB stick was that? It looks small.<br/><br/>And what kind of keyboard is <em>that</em>?!<br/><br/>I've never seen one like that with USB ports in the back.<br/><br/>+5/5 stars.<br/>
<em>And what kind of keyboard is that?!</em><br/>I've never seen one like that with USB ports in the back.<em></em><br/><br/>It's an old Mac keyboard. They no longer make them, the new ones look like laptop keyboards.<br/>
If you look at dells website, they sell a multimedia keyboard for about $30 with 2 usb ports in the back.
Yeah there are tons of those keyboards at my high school- They decided they didn't need the new ones :(
oldschool feels much better to type on, im about to mod mine by putting 5 high power blue led's in the acrylic, it lights it up really nicley. they got a bit hot though :S
Those new ones... sooooo cool.
cool mod. The USB i recognise as a cruzer micro looks like that one. One thing ive done on mine is wet and dry and pollish the edges get a much smoother finsh. Great mod gets you thinking :-)
Thanks ! :D
They should make more like this commercially available.

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