Tired of the same old bracelets? Get out your sketch book and start dreaming up some shapes we are gonna get bendy with plastics!  we are going to TechShop to get our fashion on! Woot! 

Things you will need: 

TechShop Membership

Step 1: Cut Out a Mock Bracelet.

Step Number one:  The first step is to Measure your wrist. We will do this by Cutting out a mock up shape. Your shape should be no shorter that 8 inches because we want to make sure your hand can slip through the opening and over your wrist. 
Really fun project. I bet you could laser a design into the surface as well! Or do you think that the uneven plastic might not heat and bend evenly?
<p>That's what I'm wondering! I might need to give it a try next time I'm on the laser cutter! Love this idea!</p>
You can make a design for sure!
where do you get the acrylic?
Very cool!

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