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Welcome to my active low decoder (BCD Decimal) project. It's a topic of Digital And Logic Design by Morris Mano (fifth edition).

I just build it as a hardware.

Step 1: Basics

Before starting this project you'll need to know how its work. So with the help of this picture you can understand easily what i mean actually if you didn't understand yet no problem at the last step i uploaded a small video about active low decoder.

Let's get started.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Here it is the circuit diagram of active low decoder.

Step 3: Parts

You'll need

Vero board

IC's: 74ls42 with base and LM7805 (regulator)

Resistors: 330ohm x 10, 1k x 5

Leds: green x 10 and red

Switches: spst x 9 (4 spst is optional)

9 volt battery with connector

Step 4: Component Placing

Place the components on vero board according to circuit diagram then soldering it.

Step 5: Soldering

After soldering and connecting jumper wires its look like this.

Step 6: Complete

Now Active low decoder (BCD decimal) is ready to use. In next step a small review about active low decoder in a video is clear your concepts.

I hope you like my DLD active low decoder project.

Step 7: Active Low Decoder (video)

Thanks for watching.

<p>Good Job Tanks :)</p><p>I wrote a conversion program to the bases Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal 32 BIT.</p><p>the program that was written in Delphi also displays time in binary it runs on Windows.</p><p>If you are interested, here is the download link:</p><p>http://delphi.developpez.com/telecharger/detail/id/3789/Conversion-DBH-conversion-d-un-nombre-dans-les-3-bases-Decimale-Binaire-Hexdecimale-en-32-Bits</p><p>You click on the link to download the ZIP (sources are included with the executable program).</p><p>as the program is in French, Here is the translation of the aid:</p><p>DBH_Conv That is a program converts a number of 32Bit Within three number bases:</p><p>decimal</p><p>hexadecimal</p><p>binary</p><p>aussi it displays a small binary clock</p><p>French to English program displayed:</p><p>Number of Entree's Translate ==&gt; Enter the Number to be Translate</p><p>Translation into three bases ==&gt; 3 Bases Conversion</p><p>Help ==&gt; Help</p><p>Using:</p><p>Enter the number to put into one of three bases (Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary) in the white box</p><p>Then click the button That base D, B or H</p><p>the result is displayed in the two --other base</p>
<p>I remember making something like this in my digital design class a few years back. So much fun! </p>

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