I'll show you how to make this circuit step by step. You will need:
2x100K potentiometer
I'll show you how to make the printed circuit board for this.

Step 1: Making Print Board

First we will draw connections on board.Use a felt pen with acetone or nail polish.And a mixture for removing is using 12% hydrogen and hydrochloric acid.Then remove the paint with alcohol or acetone.

Step 2: Drilling Holes

When we remove  the excess copper off the tiles we should drill holes where we later will put the elements.

Step 3: Putting Circuit Into Box

we put the elements on the board ,linking potentiometers, battery, input, output and the on off switch and then we put the board into a box.Fasten potenciomettre input and output switch on the box, connecting any battery, close the box and you are done making this circuit!good luck :)
<p>great instructable. </p><p>will you please explain how this circuit works ?</p>
This is only for school use... all you need is +9V and -9V(from generator)..
<p>Nice build. Very useful for guitar effects etc. Would have been nicer if there was a demo video though. </p>

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Bio: Hello, my name is Dusan, i'm from Serbia and i am student on Faculty of Electronic Engineering.
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