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I have a nephew that is very active at church, and we drew his name for christmas with a five dollar budget. I thought of something that he could really use, an activity book to keep him busy when he has to sit still. My sister made one for my son when he was younger, but I couldn't remember what all she had in it. So I thought of a few fun little things he could do, and most little boys like using their imagination, and hands. So thats why I decided to create a book with clips. I added fun things like a dress up Mr. or Mrs. Potato, counting, shapes, his name to learn. There are so many fun ideas you can do with this. Just figure out what kinds of things they may be interested in, and go for it. I wanted to add a page with little locks and keys (like the kinds you find on little toy chests or diaries) I think little boys would find that very entertaining, and little girls would do better with dress up pages or maybe a shoe to tie the laces.


2 Pattern felt page for back and front of book
Felt pages to create on
Felt pages to cut things out
1/2 yard of fabric to sew for pockets and backside of felt pages(you need this so that the velcro from acitivities doesn't stick to other pages)
Hot Glue Gun, and hot Glue
Sewing machine
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Oh my gosh! This is the cutest! I love the Mr. Potatohead :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
Thanks, I entered it :)
CementTruck2 years ago
Very Nice!

I'm sure the people at church are very thankful that it is a soft fabric toy too (rather than a hard plastic one that always seems to get banged on pews). Just an idea, maybe buttons and button holes instead of velcro for added "stealth", or if you punch 2 rows of grommets on each side of the opening you could have him learn to tie his shoelaces too. Just a thought.
Sherrybaby81485 (author)  CementTruck2 years ago
Buttons would have been a lot better because the Velcro is a little loud :) great idea!