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It is important to keep children of all ages and abilities active and engaged in their communities. Participation in activities help children stay healthy, form friendships, develop skills, and foster creativity. However, finding information about activities that are suitable for a child with a disability is extremely difficult. The information is scattered over the Internet or only available via the phone. Parents use different strategies to keep their children engaged including talking to other parents, typing all sorts of words in Google searches, looking up activities in magazines and community publications. A lot of decisions involve trial and error.

How can we help children with disabilities and their parents find activities that they can participate in within their community?

Step 1: Downloa React Native, Android Studio, and PostgreSQL

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link to React Native:

link to Android Studio:

link to PostgreSQL:


If you prefer GUI when working with PostgreSQL, download pgAdmin or other relavant program.


The purpose of this application is to give a prototype version of the final application. It is not the final application and events in the database are not real events created by organizers.

Step 2: Set Up Database

The link contains an example of setting up PostgreSQL Database.

You may need to create a role for your computer username.

Step 3: Clone the Project

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Clone the git repository from --the dev branch is our app.

You may need to request a permission because the project is private.

Step 4: Run Emulator

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Open Android Studio and open the AVD Manager. Run an emulator (by pressing the green play button). You can also download a different “phone” emulator if you wish.

Step 5: Start the Application

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Open a command line and cd into the folder ActoKidsApp/server/activity-server and run psql -d “name_of_your_database” -f create_activity_prod_db.sql to populate the database. Then run npm start to start the server.

Open another command line and cd into the folder ActoKidsApp/ActoKids. Run npm install and react-native start

Open up one last command line and cd into ActoKidsApp/ActoKids and run react-native start-android. This should fetch the JavaScripts and run the app.

Step 6: Start Using the Application!

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Step 7: Search Activities

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A user can see a list of all activities. Each item in the list is clickable and it will direct you to the detail page(step 8) for the activity. A user can also choose to filter the activities(step 9).

Step 8: Activity Detail Page

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If a user clicks on an event title in the search page(from step 7) that interests them, here the user can view details about the activity.

Step 9: Filter Activity Page

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Here, a user can choose filters to apply in order to only display certain events.

Step 10: Adding a New Activity

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A user can enter information about an event and submit it to the database.


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