Party On! With the lights on and where we can see your hands, Mister...

Here is a quick build on a light up gloves which was an after dinner project to squeeze one in before the contest deadlines.  The concept is here for anyone to improve upon.

The light up gloves use an Adafruit Flora arduino variant.  The lighting device is an Adfruit Neopixel ring which contains 16 individually addressable RGB LED elements.

Ooo, and that shiny disco ball fabric is just fabulous.

Make these cool gloves to have fun for use in the clubs, at home, or anywhere, especially in Colorado.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a completed project by any means but serves as inspiration for other makers to make. Those that make, do. Those that can't , make doo-doo. So what, give it a shot.

Step 1: Get a Handle on Materials...

So I won a pair of Betabrand socks from one of the Instructables contests.  The design I selected was out of stock so they offered me  a gift certificate instead.  I've got plenty of socks to make this and this... Yes, I still have a pair.  So I decided to use that to help get a batch of Betabrand brand Disco Open Source Project Disconium.  That is their disco mirror ball like shiny fabric material.  It is their softwear development kit they have where you get a 2 yard swatch of Disconium fabric to experiment with.  I really haven't thought about using it until now.

You need some liner gloves.  These just happen to be some knit utility gloves.  You can omit the use of liner gloves if you just want a thin pair of gloves.

You need to have a microprocessor board of some sort to contol some LEDs to light up your gloves.  I am repurposing my Adafruit Flora which is designed to be sewn into wearable articles of fine technology and fashion.

Sewing and soldering are good skills to learn and practice.  Remember, there are sharp and pointy things involved, be safe.

<p>can you randomize the colors and order they flash? so they dont keep going in same circle with same color.</p>
<p>I used the pre fab neopixel small neopixel rings which have 16 or 12 LED elements to them. You can also chain as many of the neopixels you want as they are available individually and can be independently addressed for any color and brightness to create your flashing pattern in code. There is also a new fade candy controller which makes to easier to program smooth color changes using neopixels. I think that was developed for burning man displays.</p>
<p>if the glove doesnt fit...</p>
<p>Kind of looks like Iron-man gloves...</p>
<p>Hmmm, does have that repulser vibe to it.</p>

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