Adafruit / Sparkfun MicroSD Breakout and Arduino Micro




Introduction: Adafruit / Sparkfun MicroSD Breakout and Arduino Micro

This is a quick tutorial showing how to hookup the Sparkfun microSD card breakout to an arduino Micro.

it works both for the SparkFun Level Shifting microSD Breakout and the SparkFun microSD Transflash Breakout. The same wiring should work with any of the Adafruit breakouts.

You can use the code found on this page: MicroSD Breakout With Level Shifter Hookup Guide

The example provided by Sparkfun shows how to hook it up with an Arduino UNO, so I decided to create this short tutorial how to hook the microSD card to an Arduino Micro as the pins arrangement and their labels on the Micro are little bit confusing.

The wiring is as in the Fritzing sketch attached.

in the code double check you are connected to the same pins as declared:
const uint8_t chipSelect = 8 (CS on the brekout);
const uint8_t cardDetect = 9 (CD on the breakout);

full working code is also attached below.



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