Introduction: Adamantite Pt.2

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Step 1: Forge

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Have you found your adamantite yet? If you did you can craft stuff with it in an adamantite forge. To craft that you will need 30 adamantite ore and a hell forge.

Step 2: Forge Pt.2

To find those materials you have to go to hell again and find an oven. That is a hell forge. They are very common. And you probably already have the adamantite. Then you have to craft it in a mithryl anvil. And I'm probably spelling mithryl rong.

Step 3: Last

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You can craft bars with it. Oh yeah, all of those pictures are of me. I look like a dragon!


gravityisweak (author)2014-11-03

Since you wrote part 2 I'm guessing you are making a continuation of another instructable. But instructables should be a standalone thing. You didn't mention the video game anywhere in here. All this is very out of place. You should try to flesh it out a little bit more so people know what you are talking about. (It's an awesome game though!)

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