I took a adamsdead shotgun and modified the heck out of it. Very powerfull and works well

these pics are high res so feel free to zoom in 6mp

the second step one is a glitch so ignore it

if you think this gun is wusy or has bad power

Step 1: The Body

make this
pretty easy

Step 2: The Firing Pin

again very easy

Step 3: The Pump

should be pretty easy

Step 4: The Handle

pretty easy
it is 5 layers thick

Step 5: The Barrel

probly the hardest part but still not to hard

Step 6: Ramrod

the ramrod

Step 7: Trigger

it is amazing how easy this gun is

Step 8: The Hopper


Step 9: The Firing Mechanism

put the long grey rod from the firing pin down the orange connecters from the front and snap the blue in place

and in pic 2 the trigger slides up from the bottom and connects to the 2 white rods and the orange connector you have to add

Step 10: Handle

pic 2 is for all the ppl who want a stock
easy stock

Step 11: Pump

pic 1 put the ramrod in

pic 2 and 3 put the pump on

Step 12: Barrel

slid onto the black rod and clip in to place

Step 13: Hopper

add the hopper

Step 14: Rubber Bands

the first rubber band must be tight but not too tight if too tight trigger will be very hard to pull if too loose the firing pin will not catch

and the second ones add equal amount to each side

the last one will pull the pump back up

Step 15: Firing

place the blues through the hole in the yellow connector at the front of the hopper
then pull back the pump ALL THE WAY and then move it forward ALL THE WAY then pull the trigger

is it worth building anyone???<br />
Yes, low piece smooth action pump shotgun with detatchable stock, what's not to like.
cool! thanks!<br />
You are welcome.
lol<br />
notin<br />
I just like posting pictures :3
here it is! i put a laser on, put it on a quadpod and made it so i could use snapped elastics because this kept on snapping all my rubber bands.
cat kept messing up my shot though.
looking forward to making it! then im gonna attach a laserpen to the top of it so i can be accurate for a change!
Adams dead!!?
Mmmmm... Brings back memories!
show a differant angle of it! <br>
knex gun builder dont build the trigger mech sukcs and broke every time i shot it
please put 1 more picture this a bit confusing!!
what part is confusing
Nice looking shotgun can any one please tell me if the build is worth it.????????????????????????????????????????????????????<br />
i like this kind of trigger, it is not just a rod or connector sticking down, it is a big plate of pieces so it does not snap off or get lost in your fingers in the dark (sipriani rifle type trigger.)
i just finished it and i love it,it shots fast and hits hard
Finally a knex shotgun with a pump and doesn't have to have a stock and is simple to build. I've been lookin everywhere for a knex shotgun that looks like this: 5 STARS!!!!!
Beamerons PUMP-ACTION shotgun !!!
I posted Version 2.0 ITS MUCH BETTER !!!!!
I made a F@*&NG Big modd of this gun xD ( i posted preview)
wat is the range?
yes it is amazing how easy this gun is
I prefer my version. Everything is the same as the old version but mine has a bit of sentimental value as well as a better magazine that can't jam and a smaller trigger guard. I like to feel mine is special :) Perhaps if I mod it enough I can post it as a different version.
Works really well and looks pretty good too, the only problem is that it is a little flimsy 4.0
peice count please
too lazy do it yourself
oh and can any1 post the part list please??
i am too lazy to post one
is this powerful ?? i want to build one so i need to know before i build it
yes if you use alot of rubberbands
too many can cause the trigger to break
seems kinda like a totally different gun now. like your effort though.
what do you mean by thanks for the effort
how much you put into the moding of this gun. that kind of effort is rare for the lazy kind of the knex gun maker (like me)
i am never satified with something i want to make it better
on like every hand gun i make i add a stock and all kinds of stuff then after like 2 days i bust it so i can make new ones
i told you modded the heck out of it
good work man i like this gun
its okay, but i think it would look better with a stock 4 stars
a stock just gets in my way so i got rid of it and did you make the gun yet?
Yeah I found that the stock is really uncomfortable and bends, and when you hold it against your shoulder it's too short. I guess with mods you could fix that but... you know.
i got rid of the stock that is a handle

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