Adapter for air mattress pump nozzle

Problem: The small nozzles which came with a foot-powered bellows pump did not fit the large inlet holes of my air mattresses. The largest nozzle was about 0.5" diameter (12mm). The inlet in my air mattresses is 1.25" (31mm).

Solution: I fabricated an adapter from junk parts (a plastic funnel, bicycle inner tube, and some copper wire). Adapter works great. It stays well inserted while foot-pumping. Inflates mattresses fast. Project consumed 45 minutes.

Parts and Procedure: See subsequent pages.

Side comments:
- My original plan was to slide the inner tube over the large end of the funnel. Too difficult with the size tube on hand. So I routed it inside as shown.
- Even then, sliding the tube over the small end of the funnel was difficult. Dipping in water helped. Next time, I would use a larger tube.
- Shrink-wrap tubing over the copper wire ends would be nice. Remember to slide it on the hose beforehand. (I forgot, as usual.)

Enjoy easy pumping with 'yer foot.
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Step 1: Parts

Find the following parts in your scrap heap:
- A section of long-neck plastic funnel. Mine was intended for changing auto motor oil.
- A bicycle inner tube. Use a section without patches.
- Some small solid copper wire. I used insulated telephone wire, about 24awg.

- Large diameter shrink wrap tubing. (I did not think of this soon enough.)

Step 2: Procedure 1 - Funnel Section

1) Insert the funnel snugly into your air mattress inlet hole. Mark the funnel where it contacts the mattress inlet hole. Remove the funnel.
2) Cut out a section of funnel about 1" (25cm) on either side of the mark. Wear safety glasses.
3) Carefully remove any fuzz and deburr sharp edges. Use utility knife, file, or sandpaper.
4) Optionally, cut a short narrow groove near the large end of funnel section. This will help retain the copper wire used in a later step.
Bobblob5 years ago
Two major design goals are keeping things simple and effect. Looks like you have done both. Unlike many Instructables, your pictures are clear and informative. Well done, thank you.