Picture of Adaptive Mapping and Navigation with iRobot Create
This tutorial will demonstrate how to do mapping and navigation with the iRobot Create for under $30! And better yet, its designed to be an easy add-on to your already existing robot (butler robot, anyone?).

Why is mapping useful? Have you ever wanted your robot to navigate through your house, by starting in one room and going in to the next, despite unplanned objects in the way? Ever wanted your robot to go to the fridge, navigate around pizza boxes, and then go straight to you before the beer gets hot?

This tutorial has two parts. The first part demonstrates how the Create can track and follow objects (specifically, a can of beer) using a single Sharp IR. Video in step 5.

The second part demonstrates mapping, and how it can update its map when objects get in the way. Its not just reactive wandering, but planned navigation useful for any house based robot. Video in step 6.

Plans and source code to add to your robot will follow.

So what do you need?

Sharp IR $14.50

Hitec HS-311 Servo $8.99

Grid-Style PC Board with 356 Holes $1.79

36 position breakaway male header $1.63

Stuff you probably have:
solder with soldering iron
double sided sticky tape
two screws with two matching nuts
screwdriver or allen wrench
holepuncher or hand drill
(local hardware store or Radioshack)

Optional: Dremel to cut down the PC Board

Final Design (simplicity at its best):
PhilE21 month ago
Hi there! I was wondering, since you have the additional IR sensor and everything, do you still need the operational features of the bumper? Can you remove the bumper all together?

Thank you
rodrigosbar3 months ago

where do you get the chassi ?

AshikaI8 months ago

Very nicely done.

I have a question though. How to you set the goal location? I am mounting a vacuum cleaner as my university project. Can I use the wavefront algorithm for it to navigate around the room?

Timmers2 years ago
Have you seen this, pretty cool creation.

ishmac112 years ago
Could you add an owi edge arm on top
Chowmix124 years ago
Is there any way to add this to arduino?
societyofrobots (author)  Chowmix124 years ago
Yes and no. The Arduino is old and outdated and has very little memory. You can add it to the Arduino, but the map size will be tiny.

The Axon has 4x the memory, letting you store a map 4x bigger.
When saying map size, the would refer to a map with larger 'pixels' meaning i can map any room but i would have moments where the robot can actually move through certain spaces, but the map thinks it can't because of the low resolution. Can I map a room with an arduino? I would also have to add some algorithm for reading 2 encoders for the wheels of the robot. In total, thats Dual encoders, a servo, and 6 pins for motor driving.
societyofrobots (author)  Chowmix124 years ago
The problem is memory limitations.

Can it map a room? That depends on how much stuff is in the room, and how accurate you want it to be.
cant you add more memory like yhe sd shield for it
Yeap, you can.
bandena4 years ago
where to buy? I can not find. here is only to order
societyofrobots (author)  bandena4 years ago
buy what? you meant this? http://store.irobot.com/
A-Nony-Mus4 years ago
It's funny, I downloaded this 'ible about a year and a half ago and I forgot about it. Then, when I was searching pics of irobot create, I came across pretty much the same thing on letsmakerobots (I am presuming that is you). Then, I was searching through some of my documents and found this 'ible. Awesome idea and great concept btw.
Sorry, I meant to say societyofrobots, not letsmakerobots.
awesome instructble cool concept
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
will it follow me?
raykholo7 years ago
now, is there a way for the program to make like a visual map on a computer, or somehow convert the cmd code (last pic) into images on a computer?
Cool project John, I like the detailed video examples.