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Introduction: Adaptive Phone Projector

Different positions for the projector. Sometimes a blanket may be needed to cover anywhere light may leak.

Step 1: The Positions

Just some shots of the projector. A blanket is needed sometimes to cover any leaking light. The lens is from the inner lens (the one that spreads light onto the transparent LCD) of the Discovery Wonderwall projector. The cardboard is from the backs of notebooks. The projector can transform to project on the ceiling or wall in landscape or portrait views. It is pretty much all made of Erector set pieces. It performs best when the phone is at 100% brightness and any light leaking from the sides is covered. An actual projector lens would be better as the image quality on this is not good. Light blurs throughout the image due to the lens being a backwards Aspheric lens.

Sorry I couldn't make a tutorial for this. I may in the future, but I am having horrible BSOD and graphics driver problems with my computer so that is why I am publishing this with my phone.



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    For an old guy like me could you summarize what this "phone projector" does?

    2 replies

    Let's say you are watching Netflix on your phone. You place your phone into this projector thing and the light from your phone gets projected onto the wall. It works like this:

    Except it would be your phone instead of a flashlight.

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I tried this link but got an error message from my Firefox browser: "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it."

    Can you adjust the focus or do you have to put it at a specific place in front of a wall?

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    You can adjust the focus. The two long bars on each side can move forward or backward with the phone to adjust the focus.


    cool project!!

    What size does it project at ?? 100 Inches or more ??

    Great idea, just what need for the work shed :)

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    I got my Droid Ultra to get a reasonable brightness at 32" playing Captain Phillips. The color quality wasn't great and it was pretty blurry; Although I attribute that to my lens being a smudgy Aspheric lens. A cheap projector lens, or even a clean magnifying glass might perform better. If you want a better projector that is cheap, you might want to google "play movies on overhead projectors". Or you can make a cheap 480p diy projector. Or check out my concept Instructable on a $275 2560x1440 diy projector or $225 1920x1080p projector. I also have a concept for a $200 1080p diy projector.

    Is it possible to, at least, show us a photo of the projected image?

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    I'd need to find my other camera. I took these shots with my phone.