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Papercrafts at Adafruit! We’re excited to share this Resistor Helper you can download and make yourself. It’s the newest tool in our Circuit Playground family– when you can’t get to your iPhone or iPad, use paper! One side helps you read 4-band types and the other side takes care of 5-band types. The Resistor Helper is on Thingiverse as a PDF (with Illustrator editability preserved). Designed by Adafruit with Matthew Borgatti. You can also grab the PDF on github.

Step 1:

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Print out your Resistor Helper in color. It’s sized to fit on one 8.5″ x 11″ sheet. The wheels are paired with small arrows. Cut around the holder and separate your wheel pairs from each other.
sath023 years ago
You had a misspelling title!
By the way, I like the Resistor Helper though. Very nice.
Grissini3 years ago
awesome! I can't wait to make one.