Add Cup Holders to your Resin Adirondack Chair

Picture of Add Cup Holders to your Resin Adirondack Chair
Project of the Day, November 9, 2012

I made it at TechShop.

Several years ago, I saw resin adirandack chairs with integrated (molded) cup holders. When I went back to the store to buy them, they had stopped carrying them, and have not been able to find them since. You can purchase add-on cup holders, but at $25 + shipping, that's more than you'll pay for the entire chair!

Here's a super easy way of adding cup holders to your chairs, and may actually be free!

Materials needed:
Plastic container(s) from 16 ounce cake frosting (free if you're already making a cake)

Tools needed:
Marker, pencil, etc.
File (optional)

Step 1: Mark your location

Picture of Mark your location
Place the plastic cup on the armrest. Be sure to center it left and right, as it will be a close fit.

Trace the bottom of the cup with a marker or pencil.
T_Albrecht2 years ago
I love this. VERY simple, yet very useful! Great instructions too - clear, concise, and still comprehensive. My dad is retiring to his farm soon, and he has these chairs on his back porch. I'm sending him these instructions - I'm sure he would love them.
sway1 year ago
Very nice. I just bought a camp chair with a table but, no cup holder. This is exactly what i was looking for.
If the table is not resin ( i think it's some kind of melamine/ fiberboard product) I'll have to finagle a bit. Any opinions on wether or not i can succesfully cut this?
lime3D (author)  sway1 year ago
You can cut the fiberboard the same as the resin
xnsxmanny2 years ago
if you use a template/jig to get the exact same position of the cup holders every time then you could stack them and the cup holders would stack as well
lime3D (author)  xnsxmanny2 years ago
No, because the cups do not have a taper.
mrsthursday2 years ago
my husband will actually do this, I love him but handy he's not, so anything this simple is a God send.
jrv4112 years ago
This is a brilliant mod! I love the ingenuity I see here on a daily basis!
Etobic3 years ago
taking muskoka chair to next level ? :)
tjesse3 years ago
This is great! I would love to do this but I'm afraid it will affect my ability to stack my chairs. Oh well. I love projects like these, I don't need a degree from MIT to do them.
lime3D (author)  tjesse3 years ago
Once again, you can still stack your chairs.
tjesse lime3D3 years ago
I was joking. I saw that you mentioned it a few times, so I thought it would be funny, I guess not. I see that you updated it after my post, now I feel dumb because I became "that guy".
How do the cup holder affect how the chairs stack? Looks like they would get in the way.
lime3D (author)  simplifiedbuilding3 years ago
The cup holders are not fastened in, so they 'pop up' a little, to allow for stacking.
...and if they get really gunky you can toss them in the dishwasher.
bryanbrews3 years ago
Where can I get these chairs???
lime3D (author)  bryanbrews3 years ago
Last year I purchased several at Home Depot around $17 ea. They held up quite nicely to weather and weight thus far. Also picked up a few small matching tables. This year I noticed they have a few additional colors.


lime3D (author)  omillerwny3 years ago
Yep, and you could put cup holders in the tables too!
wjbean3 years ago
Excellent. Adaptive reuse at its finest.
Brilliant! The simplest solutions are the best and you recycled the plastic icing container!
Ione3 years ago
Oh, this is a monumental idea! The perfect idea: simple, fulls a need, executable by the average human. I didn't count though: how many times did you have to repeat that your stellar idea does NOT affect the stackability!

Thank you!
lime3D (author)  Ione3 years ago
Oh yeah, did I mention that you can still stack your chairs?
Ione lime3D3 years ago
Varenberg3 years ago

Nice update that could be used in various circumstances like a computer desk, coffeetable and much more...

Just have to find a container in europe (Belgium) where a can or bottle will fit in...

Thanks for sharing,

lime3D (author)  Varenberg3 years ago
Yes. I of course don't know what type of packaging is available to you in Belgium, but I am sure you could just look around during your next grocery shopping trip.
juz4kix3 years ago
I like it!
Judith7563 years ago
Very Clever and extremely crafty. Thanks for the ible and for making it simple.
What a great idea. I use a half dozen cans of that stuff a year and never thought of this
dorybob3 years ago
Brilliant, simple idea. I am building a boat and my sister's design criteria is cup holders for her adult beverages. Your idea solves the issue of the support needed in the hole. And I like the ice idea as well.
razenhazen3 years ago
That's a sweet idea! I have several of these chairs around my fire pit. Does anyone have thoughts on how this might compromise the chair though? I wouldn't want anyone plopping down and back and possibly cracking the arms off sending them back on their noggin. Not a huge deal, but also might affect the stack ability which may be why they stopped making them as they are usually marketed as stack able resin chairs. Although with these you should be able to remove the cups and stack the chairs at the end of the season which would work for me. Thanks for the great idea.
lime3D (author)  razenhazen3 years ago
Did you notice how old the chairs look in the photos? That's because I finally got around to writing this instructable, so I installed the second set of cupholders on each chair. The first set have been in the chairs for three years, and we use them all summer long. Since the holders are not glued in, they stack just fine.
l8nite3 years ago
they could save another .6400000 of a cent by leaving holes that cup holders would fit in ! this is a really cool idea, thank you for sharing
Everybody wants a cupholder! Bravo!
Very smart. Now I'm wondering why they don't all come this way. :D
lime3D (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
I've designed a LOT of plastic parts, and it comes down to the complexity of the tool (mold) and cycle time (how many parts you can spit out on an hour). My guess is that they can save a few pennies by not putting the detail in the part, and we'll buy them anyway.