Step 3: Converting .VOB Files

Picture of Converting .VOB Files
When you backup the DVD files with DVDshrink, it will divide the file if it's larger than 1 GB. So a 4 GB .VOB file will be divided into four sections. If this is the case with your files, you will need to re-combined them with SUPER and VirtualDub. If your file is alright and in one segment, you can skip this step and the next one too.

Open SUPER and import the .VOB files by dragging them to the bottom section.

At the top, there's a drop-down box that says "Select the Output Container." Click it and select the AVI (not the Pocket PC option) option.

In the next section, underneath, Select the "FFmpeg" encoder.

Set the Frame/Sec option to 25. I thought 25 FPS was the default but it changed on me a couple times and I got a laggy movie.

In the video options, Set the Video Scale Size to "320:240." This is the size of your Zune screen and by converting it to 320:240 it is faster, smaller in size and better quality.

Note: I think the Slim Zune Models require the video to be set at 320:180. If that's your Zune Model, try setting it to that Scale Size. You can do this by clicking the "More" check box at the top of the Video Scale Options. Click it twice and it gives you the option to enter a custom Size. Set it to 320 width:180 height.

Then click the "Encode (Acitve Files)" icon at the bottom. A message will pop-up and ask which DiVx option to choose, just click the first option.

This will export your video files to the .AVI video format so it is compatible with Virtual Dub.
bobert6105 years ago
 Here's your solution...right click and click add media files
Cthulu6 years ago
I drag my .VOB files over, but its like it doesn't recognise them. I don't get any errors, it just sits there. Any ideas? I tried the site, but that place is a mess!
aDimWit (author)  Cthulu6 years ago
Where it says "Drop a valid multimedia file here..." (underneath the output stats) there will usually be a progress bar that shows the status of the conversions. After you press "Encode Active Files," for the first few minutes it may say "Parsing File" or something like that. After that it should start showing a ###,### kb or ### mb to show the size of the converting file. Depending on a few things it should stop at around 200+ MBs for each individual file. Does that help?
Cthulu aDimWit6 years ago
I didn't notice it at first, but now I see some grayed out text. It says "an error has occurred. Click here to find out more". But when I click it, it wont bring any thing up. I'm Using Vista, so I'm betting that could be the proboblem. Any way, I found a simular program and got every thing else to work, so I didnt manage to get a DVD on zune so THANKS!
aDimWit (author)  Cthulu6 years ago
When there is an error, that will turn from grey to red and you can press it for information.