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Hello everyone! Firstly, I would like to thank Enlighted for their Instructable on adding EL wire to clothes, it helped me out a bunch with this. Check it out: www.instructables.com/id/how-to-add-EL-wire-to-a-coat-or-other-garment/

Now, read on!

Step 1: Supplies.

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Okay, you'll need:

A hat, I used a cheap felt top hat from UsToy.


An awl.

El wire kit. I bought mine from Thats Cool Wire. Link to the kit I bought: http://www.thatscoolwire.com/store/item.asp?Category=168&SubCategoryID=124&GroupID=&SKU=WY-NH-LZ-3V
You'll need enough for the rim of the hat your working on. (Or whatever design your doing)

To attach the battery pack to the inside of the hat, I used a piece of stick on velcro. (The hook side)

A needle, and fishing line. (I used two really long pieces, I ran out the first time.)

finfan75 years ago
Is the battery pack just a battery pack or are there any modifying elements?
Zem (author)  finfan75 years ago
Good question, it is actually an inverter that came with the kit, and it holds one double A battery. The wire has to run on a higher voltage, so thats what the inverter does. 
finfan7 Zem5 years ago
An inverter transforms AC to DC.  It's the sort of thing found in every wall adapter.  Do you mean a transformer?  That would make a DC voltage into another DC voltage?  What kind of voltage runs through the  wire?
Actually, an inverter creates an alternating current (AC) from direct current (DC). Transformers don't work on DC unless the DC is pulsed. That is what happens here. A transistor circuit is used to turn the DC into AC. Then it is routed through a transformer to boost the voltage.
Zem (author)  finfan75 years ago
I'm not the best person to answer this. =/ But, if you check out the Instructable in the related area here, look at Enlighted's Instructable, she explains it a lot better then I can. 
finfan7 Zem5 years ago
I'll take a look.  Thanks anyway.
Zem (author)  finfan75 years ago
Your welcome! Sorry I couldn't explain better. 
Shut Up Now5 years ago
wait, doesn't el wire require high voltage ac to run? or do i have something mixed up.
Zem (author)  Shut Up Now5 years ago
In the battery holder, there's a built in transformer/inverter thingy that takes the voltage from the batteries and makes it run the EL wire.