Picture of Add Ethernet to any Arduino project for less than 10$
So you have a neat Arduino project going on. Wouldn't it be nice to add Internet connectivity and do it on the cheap as well? This Instructable will show you how to add Internet connectivity in the form of an Ethernet interface for a few dollars and in less than half an  hour. More info at: http://hwstartup.wordpress.com/

Step 1: Order an ENC28j60 Ethernet module on eBay

Picture of Order an ENC28j60 Ethernet module on eBay
Apart from your Arduino, you need a read-made Ethernet module. You can easily get these on eBay for as low as 10$. Just search eBay for ENC28J60 module. In addition, you need to have a bit of electrical wire, a soldering iron and some soldering 'tin'.
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KingEverest2 months ago

Can this be used as a replacement of the Ethernet Shield?

hansc44 (author)  KingEverest2 months ago
Yes indeed.
MárcioS7 hansc446 minutes ago
Could I connect with just 4 wires?? (I mean, I have a USB Ethernet adapter... Is it possible to use for this?)
Thank you, you just helped me solve something.
MárcioS76 minutes ago
Could I connect with just 4 wires?? (I mean, I have a USB Ethernet adapter... Is it possible to use for this?)
bhargavp11 month ago


I have used new library and downloaded above program. Also connected wires as described.

When I connect Ethernet cable, connection shows at 10 MbPS, but I am not able to ping the controller.

My Laptops IP is :

Subnet Mask :

What could be the problem ?

snoop9113 months ago

Has anyone experimented with how fast data can be clocked in/out of the ENC? For example, the datasheet says SCLK can be up to 20Mhz!

I'd be interesting to see how much thruput will change if going to a parallel interface like on the ENC624J600. There's also an ethernet based bootloader for the ENC624J600 that I've been meaning to get (from brushelectronics.com) but I think it uses the (rather closed) microchip tcp/ip stack.

xfinder3 months ago
Thank you for your help.
great working.
rohit.kay.74 months ago

I am using UIP Ethernet library along with the Module

The problem is

Whenever ro connect any AC load (single phase) ,

After one or two commands , the arduino is disconnect from the Network !

Any suggestions ? On what to do

rohit.kay.75 months ago

Can someone give an easy explanation of the code ?

francisroan2 years ago
Hi well i did bought the bigger version of this module but i really wanted to know how to actually communicate the arduino to the actual internet and not the LAN..! could you pls tell us how..?

It is technically connected to the internet! You can get things FROM the internet with this setup, but to host over the internet, you need to port forward your router/modem.

sirous668 months ago

Do you know whether this would work with netarduino 1?

diy_bloke9 months ago

I have used a similar module and it is indeed a very cheap way to connect to ethernet.
However time can be your friend. The W5100 shield nowadays is also fairly cheap and a W5100 module is about 6-7 euro.
Check aliexpress:


in fact the W5100 shield is cheaper than the 5100 module: around 5 euro:


ScottG610 months ago

gearbest has them for under $5. old post but still good modules.


snoop91111 months ago

Would this work with an Arduino Mega? Does it require code change and/or different pins?


contacting you regarding a project that I have. I'm using Arduino Uno
and enc28j60 module and some XBees. The main problem is regarding the
connection to the LAN/Internet. I'm using some sensors and I'm trying to
view the sensors reading on the web. I used a lot of libraries but I
can't see nothing. I connected the enc28j60 module with a cable directly
to the computer and in the browser I am typing the IP but nothing to
see. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

have you forwarded your internet IP to yr enc28J60 IP?

hey im using arduino mega 2560 please tell me the exact pin mapping for that


francisroan2 years ago
Hi could you please tell us how to connect this module with the arduino to communicate to the outside world(the internet) and not just the LAN . I want it to send me emails.!

Pls help.

Thank you for your time.!

might be too late for you but maybe someone else is helped by this often asked question:
The answer is as for any computer om yr LAN that you want to get to from the internet: in your router you have to set up portforwarding to the local IP of the computer you want to get to.
If you would forward port 80 to the IP nr of this module and run a webserver on it, then http://your_internet_ip/ will bring you to yr module.
If you forward another port, say 8080 then you do this:

...goes over a sample sketch and references a good library for these.

Hi all,

I am unable to execute it properly , below errors are coming


Ethernet_Test_One:7: error: 'Ethernet' has not been declared

Ethernet_Test_One:8: error: 'BufferFiller' does not name a type

Ethernet_Test_One.ino: In function 'void setup()':


i hope i doing mistake in adding .h file,

could please tel me how to proceed futher

djoike1 year ago

Thanks for this article, it made it a lot easier to pick which ethernet element to choose.

I do wonder though, how processing-intensive this approach is compared to using the W5100? As you wrote in another comment, the W5100 does more on-chip (TCP/IP work).

My concern is: If your code is very timing sensitive, is it even feasible to have ethernet communication going on on the same arduino? And would it be more realistic with the W5100?

Say for example, you're using the arduino to run an AC light dimmer, where you need to detect the zero-crossing of AC power sine curves, and open/close a TRIAC unit some specific time after that, you're very dependent on the loop not being stalled by operations that take a long time.

I may be barking up the wrong tree here...

Hansaplast1 year ago

Great article!

I've been playing with a comparable [eBay: $18 w/Arduino Nano] ethernet shield, also based on the ENC28J60.

I tried a few libraries (ETHER_28J60, EtherCard and UIPEthernet) and found UIPEthernet to work very well as well, specially since it's a drop-in replacement library for the "standard" Ethernet Library that comes with your Arduino IDE. So all the Ethernet Examples included with your Arduino IDE work by just replacing the "#include <Ethernet.h>" with "#include <UIPEthernet.h>".


demonspells made it!1 year ago


Thanks for a perfectly simple tutorial, I was able to set it up in less than 10 minutes, all thanks to you.

mickeypop2 years ago
There are similar at dx.com for about $5.90 and work with Arduino's ethernet library right out of the box.   Shipping is free.

They also have many other Arduino add-ons at very good prices.

For you other hackers, this can be a great source and save money at the same time.
And here is one on That Auction Site for less than that....

classtopher2 years ago
I was expecting to see a level converter between the 5v arduino and 3v Ethernet enc28 board on the data lines. I've seen other DIY arduino Ethernet boards that use it. But yours indicates that is not necessary? Thanks.
awsome! i purchased one of these modules on amazon for 7 bucks and i tried getting it running but failed but this is alot more clear than the translated chinese instructions. THANKS A TON!
hansc44 (author)  kyle brinkerhoff2 years ago
Hi Kyle,

How far have you come?
- Do you have the LED on the PCB on?
- When you connect to your router/modem, do you see the LEDs on the Ethernet connector light up?
- What do you see on your serial port (copy here?)?

Hope this helps you.

well heres what i got, i used the example script that uses dhcp to obtain an ip and it basically says it cant obtain an ip, im gonna check my wiring....
hansc44 (author)  kyle brinkerhoff2 years ago

Traveling now, so I cannot help now. Sorry.
oh its all good, its wiring on my end that just has to be troubleshooted
jerbs2 years ago
I'm getting an Ethernet has not been declared error while compiling.. anyone else with this problem?
hansc44 (author)  jerbs2 years ago
I think that the Ethershield library is not where Arduino expects it to be. Have you downloaded it form github as described in step 3? Where is it placed in your file tree?

BTW The provided Sketch of step 3 is used with Arduino 022.
jerbs hansc442 years ago
Sorry, I thought I deleted that right after I posted it... I didn't read the post all the way through, so of course I didn't download the correct libs.. that's what I get I suppose. Thx for replying though.
How well do these modules work compared to the W5100?
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