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Introduction: Snowsports Headphone Hat

Earbuds and skiing or snowboarding; they just don't mix. After an hour or two your ears can start to hurt, and if the earbuds get dislodged your options are limited. You can try and worm your gloved hand up into your helmet to fix them, or you can remove your whole helmet. Since both options are pretty annoying I had a quick look around online for toques with built-in headphones, but I didn't want to pay $35.00 plus shipping so I decided to make some myself. Plus, they are a pretty good way to listen to music when walking around in the cold too!

If you choose to listen to music while skiing, snowboarding or doing any other sport please use your common sense. Keep the music low enough that you can hear what's going on around you.

Step 1: What You Need:

- An old toque
- An old pair of over-the-ear headphones or a super cheap pair
- Needle and thread, of a colour similar to that of the toque
- Fabric (I used felt) of a colour similar to that of a toque
- Pliers (or anything else you need to break apart your headphones)

Step 2: Removing the Speakers

- Take your headphones and carefully break apart the headband to reveal the wire connecting the two speakers
- Snap apart the speaker housings so that you can remove the speakers
- Remove the speakers, and the wire connecting them, from the body of the headphones and break away any excess plastic

Step 3: Preparing the Toque

- Turn the toque inside-out and put it on
- Roughly mark the location of your ears with something that shows up on fabric
- Take off the toque, but keep it inside out

Step 4: Attatching the Speakers

- Place one of the speakers where you marked one of your ears on the toque
- Cut out a piece of fabric large enough to cover the speaker
- Place the fabric over the speaker and stitch around the edge of the speaker (stitch as close to the speaker as you can, because this is what will hold the it in place)  
- Cut away any excess fabric
- Repeat the steps for the other speaker
- Put the toque on and make sure the speakers are in comfortable positions; if not, unstitch one speaker and reposition it

Step 5: Tidying Up the Wires

- Take a rectangular piece of fabric and place it over the loose wire connecting the speakers
- Stitch around the edge of the rectangle



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    Awesome goggles dude! Whered u get em? Oh and nice idea!


    Thanks! I got the goggles at the turkey sale in whistler bc. The stores all come together and sell their gear for cheap.

    Too bad you have to wear a helmet in my state. :(
    Guess I'll just use earbuds.

    I'd be dead without a helmet. :)

    too bad my parents make me wear a helmet in my state


    I've worn it under a helmet, it's pretty comfortable.

    thinking about make one of those for winter!

    Good idea. will swet or moisture get into the speaker cones?


    It hasn't for me so far.