I need pockets, and generally the clothes that I like at second-hand shops don't have any (or enough, or they're fake, or...). So I poked around Instructables hoping for some guidance, and didn't find much. Here's what I did, largely based on this tutorial I found.

[EDIT : I later found this Instructable, which is has excellent action shots! ^_^ ]

Step 1: Pocket Shape

To make the pocket shape, I traced around my hand on a piece of card because I don't have any similar garments with pockets to trace instead. (If you do, it'll work like a dream!)

  1. Put on the garment, and hold your hands where you want a pocket.
  2. Slide a piece of paper under your hand, and trace carefully.
    - Make it bigger than your hand, but only a little, if you want it to be super-stealth.
    - Be aware of the angle at the back (at your wrist) - it needs to match the angle of the seam!
  3. Turn your garment inside out and lay the pocket along the seam to make sure it's a good size and angle.

I recommend marking where you want the pocket to be at this point. Put a pin through the seam at the top and bottom of the pocket so that you know where to open them.

<p>Very easy to understand tutorial. Thank you!</p>
<p>Thanks for the kind words. ^_^</p>
<p>Very clear tutorial! </p><p>I have done this in skirts, dresses and shirts. Pockets are a must! </p><p>It took me a while to figure it out on my own when I first started and I am guilty of attaching pockets upside down and inside out a few times. I'll be consulting this as a refresher every time I need to tackle this. Thanks. </p>
Thanks! I was very glad to have found another tutorial - I was concerned about getting the pockets upside down, too! But it wasn't on Instructables, and I figured it needed to be here. ^_^
<p>When I have time I'd love to do this to all of my skirts! </p>
<p>I know! I think it took me about two hours from start to finish, though the next one will definitely be faster. But why can't the industrial manufacturers take /five/ minutes to do this so that we don't have to?!</p>

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