Sometimes I'd rather carry a backpack than an over-the-shoulder bag when I want to take my computer somewhere, but am often worried about it getting smashed up.  I have plenty of backpacks and don't need to buy a new one.  In this Instructable I'll show you how I made a laptop pouch for my backpack.  This guide is especially useful for US military members but the theory is handy for anyone.  Also, I made the alterations in an area with very limited resources.  With better materials/tools available, this would be much easier and time efficient.  A couple notes concerning plan changes and what I would do differently if I did this again are also including in the text.  

Materials used:
* Army issue multi-cam backpack
* Replacement buckles included with bag (2 pairs on the small buckles)
* Strap from bag for collapsable cloth camping chair
  **Alternately, use unwanted buckles & straps from outside of bag but be careful doing this in case you have to turn the bag in in the future
* Discarded PT jacket (optional, someone got rid of this so I used it)
* Discarded multi-cam top
* Unused foam knee and elbow pads (1 set each)
* Thread
* Mailing tape
* Duct tape

Tools used:
* Sewing needle
* Sewing scissors
* Marker
* Lighter
* Small piece of thin cardboard to use like a thimble

Tools I did not have access to but would have been beneficial:
* Sewing machine
* Seam ripper
* Full size sewing scissors
* Thimble

Step 1: Step 1: Determine Size of Foam Padding

Determine what size you want to make your padding.  I have a shell for my laptop so I just set the foam pads on it and cut them to fit.  Save the scraps because they will be needed later on.

Tape the pads together with mailing or duct tape.  If you plan to sew through taped places, it is better to use mailing tape.  If not, it is better to use duct tape because it will hold the pads in place together better.  

After taping, clean up the edges of the foam with scissors if needed.

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