Picture of Add Laptop Pouch to Army Backpack
Sometimes I'd rather carry a backpack than an over-the-shoulder bag when I want to take my computer somewhere, but am often worried about it getting smashed up.  I have plenty of backpacks and don't need to buy a new one.  In this Instructable I'll show you how I made a laptop pouch for my backpack.  This guide is especially useful for US military members but the theory is handy for anyone.  Also, I made the alterations in an area with very limited resources.  With better materials/tools available, this would be much easier and time efficient.  A couple notes concerning plan changes and what I would do differently if I did this again are also including in the text.  

Materials used:
* Army issue multi-cam backpack
* Replacement buckles included with bag (2 pairs on the small buckles)
* Strap from bag for collapsable cloth camping chair
  **Alternately, use unwanted buckles & straps from outside of bag but be careful doing this in case you have to turn the bag in in the future
* Discarded PT jacket (optional, someone got rid of this so I used it)
* Discarded multi-cam top
* Unused foam knee and elbow pads (1 set each)
* Thread
* Mailing tape
* Duct tape

Tools used:
* Sewing needle
* Sewing scissors
* Marker
* Lighter
* Small piece of thin cardboard to use like a thimble

Tools I did not have access to but would have been beneficial:
* Sewing machine
* Seam ripper
* Full size sewing scissors
* Thimble