Step 8: Now add music

Picture of Now add music
Now just add as much music as you like. You have an extra Gigabyte!
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Weed1516 years ago
I have a 2gb Ipod Nano 2nd Generation, and I was wondering if this would work with it, because you're using an Ipod Mini. Thanks, Please Reply
ppatidar077 years ago
hey this is a great mod and i have an old dell dj as well. I want to try this out but i have i believe a 2nd or 3rd gen Ipod Nano, one that is thin but rectangular with rounded off edges. Will it still work this type of Ipod?
Robeast7 years ago
I've got a broken 30g Zune. i'd like to put the 30 gigs to use as an external hard drive (besides the patch). Keeping the Zune software or previous data is not important to me. Any suggestions?
Brennn10 (author)  Robeast7 years ago
resophonic7 years ago
Pretty Sweet! My sister's iPod mini is doing the same stuff, so when she gets her nano, I am totally going to gigafy it!
dime_one7 years ago
top one!! now all i need is an ipod! (preferably a broken one!!) will send this to my mate - he's got probs with his!!