Add Password Protection to Any .zip Folder





Introduction: Add Password Protection to Any .zip Folder

This Instructable is on how to take a folder compress it & add a password to it.

Note: This makes it so you can't unzip, read, or open the files in the folder but you can see what the files are. In other words it means that you can see what the files are, But not what's in them. if you have questions on this please ask me in the comments.

Use this for confidential stuff at your own risk!! My suggestion is don't
No Harm Will Be Done To Your Computer if you do this correctly!
I'm NOT responsible for ANY thing that goes wrong

If You Have Any Questions, Comments, Things I left out, & Suggestions Please Post Them!

Step 1: Stuff You Need:

Stuff you need to get:
1) 7-Zip Download

Stuff you probably already have:
1) Computer (Running Windows)
2) Files in it you want to protect
3) A Little Computer Knowledge

Step 2: Create a Folder & Add Files

First install 7-Zip

Second you want to create a folder:
1) Right click on your desktop
2) Go to New then click on Folder

Third add the files you want password protected to the folder

Step 3: Archive the Folder

Archive the folder with 7-Zip:
1) Right Click on the folder you want to protect
2) Go to 7-Zip then click on Add to Archive...
3) Make sure that the Archive Format option is set to Zip if not change it
4) Under Encryption Type your password the retype it below
5) Click on Ok

Step 4: Finish Up & How to Extract the Files

Your Done!

To Unzip it:
1) Right click on the Zipped folder
2) Go to Extract All
3) Click next
4) Click next again
5) Type in your password
6) Click Finish

If You Have Any Questions, Comments, Things I left out, & Suggestions Please Post Them!



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    just a little fcrackzip and that password is useless, like computergeek says not the best way to store files with sensitive info on them, but other than that greet instructable

    INTEL’s Message Says A Lot More Than Password Protection. You can read more about this here:

    Cheers thanks really helpful

    i did this exept i also hid it

    One problem with this technique is that people can see the filenames inside. One way around that is to double-wrap the files. Zip the individual files once, no password needed. Next zip the zip file, with encryption and a password. If you look inside the result, you can only see the first zipfile's name - which can be anything you like. Finally, remember to clean up the files you wanted to hide. Just deleting them isn't enough, use one of the many good free file 'wipers' available on the Internet.

    Good idea for using a wiper to get rid of the files.

    With the double-wrapping another good idea ,But if you want them to see the files like if you hide a file in a picture and they just see the picture.