Introduction: Add Second Layer to Ikea Desk (or Any Desk)

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New apartment only fits a tiny desk that my computer stuff doesn't fit on... Solution: Hack an Ikea Desk to make a second layer to the desk top!

Step 1: Supplies:

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-Desk. Mines an Ikea Linnmon in red.

-Plank of wood for the shelf. (approx. 9" wide, 3/4" thick, and the length of your desk)

-Wood Stain. I got MiniWax Wood Finish - Red Oak 215 ($8 at homedepot)

-Sand paper. I just used 80 grit.

-Clear wood varnish (optional). ($17 at homedepot)

-Double sided mounting tape ($8 at homedepot)

-1/2" Black Pipe Fitting Floor Flange x4 ($4.50 each at homedepot)

-1/2" to 3/4" Black Pipe Fitting Reducing Coupling x4 ($3 each at homedepot)

-1/2" x 4" Black Pipe Fitting Steel Nipple x4 ($2 each at homedepot)

-black spray paint for metal. ($4 at homedepot)

-clamps/heavy object

-LED strip lighting (optional) just search "led strip light kit" on Amazon about $15.

*note some of my materials are slightly different because I either had them, or borrowed them but this list is what I would get if I was buying it all. *

Step 2: Wood Prep

Sorry forgot to take pictures

Get a plank of wood the same length as your desk and a width big enough to support the monitor / laptop. Mine is 9" wide and 3/4" thick pine, for reference. Your local lumber suppler / homedepot/ rona should have you covered. The trick is to pick one that's flat! (or flatten it later if you have the tools)

Sand it down & if you want a more rustic feel scratch it up a bit too. I just used 80 grit to keep it rustic, but if you want a more refined finish use some finer grit as well.

Step 3: Stain and Varnish

If you decide to scratch it up these marks will show up when stained. Follow the instructions on the wood stain, I used 2 light coats. Let it dry overnight so the smell dissipates.

Add varnish it if you desire. I didn't bother as it won't be getting wet and I like the dull look of it in contrast with my shiny red desk. (Sorry not work pictures)

Step 4: Spray Paint the Pipes

Picture of Spray Paint the Pipes

I could only find Floor Flange pieces in silver so I decided to paint it black.

Spray paint the pipe parts. Multiple light coats so there's no streaking or running! You only need to paint the top of the feet. I only painted the silver pieces and left the others looking raw and rustic. It's up to you which look you prefer.

Step 5: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly

Mock up where you want the legs positioned and make sure the board doesn't wobble. Adjust the pipe fittings as needed.

Apply double sided tape to both ends of your pipe legs and assemble your new desk. Now clamp or weight down your shelf in place on your desk and wait for overnight for it to reach full strength.

You could replace this step with epoxy or screws, but I want to be able to take mine apart easily in the future.

Set up your computer.

Step 6: Add Some Glow

Picture of Add Some Glow

The shelf leaves great space for putting things like hard drives under and routing cables underneath, out of site.

I added LED strip lighting under the shelf just for fun. Just cut the LED strip to length, and stick it to the underside of your shelf at the back. Plug it in with the rest of the kit parts.

If anyone does this I would love to see a picture posted below! Thanks for listening!


Lyndon SimonS made it! (author)2016-01-17

i just finish my desk its not ikea or a double deck thing but i just thought same thing lol! still lots to fix like wirings stuff and im thinking to replace the rgb led strips on the bookshelves where my loptop etc. things like per shelves i think, comments and suggestions will help, ?

at dark

the proto type, still thinking what to do here lol!

Cool, nice work!

If you're wondering about putting lights in the shelves I personally think it might draw attention away from your desk. But everyone has their own preferences so maybe you will prefer it that way. If you do add more post some pictures!

thanks! its my first time building things i literally take all junk things there i just bought the docking station for 100 and all is reuse, this site is awesome and your work is out of the box! sick bro! keep up the good work ?

Buso made it! (author)2015-12-08

You got my vote!

Good Instructable. I will add lights to mine.

Engineered-life (author)Buso2015-12-09

Cool, nice work! Did you make the shelf cantilevered from the back?
Post another picture when you add the lights!

elufo made it! (author)2015-12-08

Wow! What a coincidence!
Two years ago I did something very similar to my work place, but with "Ekby Alex" model to add drawers and "Besta" for the short legs.
Nice work!

Engineered-life (author)elufo2015-12-08

Very cool! More of a modern look than my rustic/industrial shelf.

Thanks for sharing!

jeanniel1 (author)2015-12-07

I voted for this simple hack and elegant solution for getting some extra space and storage! I love the use of the metal pipe fittings for weight, as most shelves tend to move, esp when loaded from above. Bravo!

Thanks for the vote! If you ever make something from this I'd love to see a picture!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-28

Nice mod. You should enter this in the Furniture Hacks contest.

Thanks for the compliment. The Furniture Hacks contest is what made me get around to writing up this instructable! It doesn't seem to be working though? At least I didn't get any confirmation of entering like usual.

tomas75a (author)Engineered-life2015-12-08

Oh, I already voted for you, its in the top right of the page! :) Nice mod! I like it :)

mordicus93 (author)2015-12-01

Nice mod :)

Why didn't you use directly 8 "1/2" Black Pipe Fitting Floor Flange" ? Isn't it more stable with 4 for the top too ?


You definitely could do that and it would let you screw it in at the top and bottom if you wished. I used the the other parts just to give it a different look, but it's not unstable either way :)

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