Step 9: Adding Audio

To add the audio circuit, you'll need a few additional parts;
  • Small Speaker
  • LM368 Audio Amp
  • 220uF Electrolytic capacitor
  • 10k ohm potentiometer
  • Screw Terminal connector
  • microSD card to hold samples
The kit includes all the parts for the audio circuit except the speaker and microSD card.  Here's the circuit we'll build;

Start by adding a few jumpers;

there will be seven jumpers, total, and I've marked them with a black line in the photo. 

Add the audio amp (the LM386).  Note the position of the notch on the chip in relation to the board;

Now, add the volume knob;

The middle pin on the knob connects to P4 on the Propeller Platform.  One leg connects to the third pin on the amp, and the other pin connects to ground.

Now, add the big capacitor;

Note the stripe on the Capacitor.  It indicates the negative side, and it should go as shown in the photo.

Finally, add the Audio connector;

Speakers have two leads, one lead goes in each screw terminal connector.  They aren't polarized, so it doesn't matter which lead goes to which terminal.
<p>can you give me the name of the car your using please</p>
I can't seem to find the propeller platform in stock anywhere
I'm a noob to micro-controller.<br><br>Can you explain how to add more channels to this? And how many are possible?
Great instructable! My sister's boyfriend collects lots of rc racing buggies and cars, boxes and boxes of cogs and different parts like that, so this just adds to the inspiration! Just one question...Where do you get the Propellor Platform USB from???
You can grab it from adafruit - http://www.adafruit.com/products/312
How much does the whole system cost to make? (minus the cost of the speaker)
About $45 - you just need a Propeller Platform USB and a protoboard. <br><br>The speaker is a nice touch, but I'd only suggest it with electric vehicles - it won't be loud enough for nitro vehicles.
Thanks, it's a great how-to that I may be doing in the near future. Yeah I only run electric (nitro=spendy). I came across this because a brand called Tamiya makes something like this but it costs anywhere over $300 so I looked elsewhere &amp; found this one.
nice advert there... hell it seems most if not all your ibles are adverts.. mind handing me that sliced pork and ham flag?<br>
Awesome!! if only i had an rc car...

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