Picture of Add a Bic lighter to your keychain with a 3d printed holder.
vue 1.jpg
vue 2.jpg
This is an easy trick to have your lighter always with you, on your keychain.
With a really small 3d printed pieces.

if it didn't fit cause the holder is too tight, you can slit it with a metal saw to give it a bit of elasticity.
It has be designed to fit with big BIC lighter.
I give you the .sldprt and .stl files!!!
Enjoy it!!!

online printing:


Skitchen697 months ago
Yes it's fit great no change to loose^^
Skitchen69 made it!7 months ago

Hey thanks^^

I printed this with the Mamba3D printer


low resolution med speed

victorjung (author)  Skitchen697 months ago
cool! did it fit well ?