In this instructable I will be teaching you how to add a guitar strap (or rope) to your keyboard for use in certain games.. and just to look cool.

Step 1: Taking It Apart.

If you flip your keyboard over, there should be anywhere from 6 to 15 screws. The majority of the time these are only used for holding the keyboard case together, but in few circumstances some screws may be holding pieces inside the case in place. Find the ones that you think are holding the case together and remove them. If your case still does not open take the others out as well. Once open you keyboard should look similar to the picture.
I thought you meant musical keyboard, as in electric piano. :(
<p>same here :'(</p>
<p>What a disappointment when I realized this is not for a music keyboard =/</p>
Someone's camera shy :P
i just dont want people to see me around town and be like, "Hey thats that guy from that one site!" and then have the paparazzi crowd me...
right, pararazzis always chase instructable makers.
some1s a bit consieded , dont ya think?
have you read your comments lately? see who's really conceited ;]
wut u mean? how am i conceited?
ey i downloaded fof and tried to run ir but my screen just turned black , luckily I memorized the shortcut for force quit or my dad would have killed me
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everytime i try to download and use frets on fire, it never works. )-:
that's because your trying o download the lastest version. Its nicknamed "Frets On Fire: Bug and epic glitch expansion pack" by the forum. search th wiki for more info on downloading the older and way more stable version.
Nice stuff. Where on Earth can I get an Iron Maiden night stand for myself!?!?
custom.. lol thatd be sweet if they sold them tho.
Im not sure about the guitar strap, but maybe thats cause its just not my style. But I reallly like the replacing keys with other colored ones for games. I never thought about doing that before, but it makes a lot of sense. too bad my keyboard is a new one that you cant replace the keys easily.
This is a nice idea for FoF, but I just used some wire and the little risers on my keyboard. I had to take out one screw, to anchor a wire around it, and tied the other one to one of the risers, and it works great! Plus, it's wireless. But MS hardware sucks, so the range is limited to like 3 feet.
Nice! I have an old Roland SH-101 complete with strap that this reminds me of. (The SH-101 is a two-and-a-half octave keyboard that could be worn like a guitar. It think it was popularized by Devo?)
WOOT! *Makes bad Air Gutair Sounds* Hehe. Frets on Fire Rocks!<br/>
great way for rocking on frets on FYURR
that reminds me of nullsleep and his rocking the keyboard similarly for his shows<br/><br/>as shown here<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://myspace-484.vo.llnwd.net/00451/48/46/451696484_l.jpg">http://myspace-484.vo.llnwd.net/00451/48/46/451696484_l.jpg</a><br/>

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