Add a Guitar Strap to Your Keyboard





Introduction: Add a Guitar Strap to Your Keyboard

In this instructable I will be teaching you how to add a guitar strap (or rope) to your keyboard for use in certain games.. and just to look cool.

Step 1: Taking It Apart.

If you flip your keyboard over, there should be anywhere from 6 to 15 screws. The majority of the time these are only used for holding the keyboard case together, but in few circumstances some screws may be holding pieces inside the case in place. Find the ones that you think are holding the case together and remove them. If your case still does not open take the others out as well. Once open you keyboard should look similar to the picture.

Step 2: Placing the Strap.

When picking where you want your strap to go, try staying just inside the middle of the keyboard on the side facing you when you sit at the computer. This way the keyboard will balance itself it the right position.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Spots.

I used a dremel with a drill bit to cut out an opening to put a bolt into. Im sure you could jusdt cut it out with scissors or whatever you have laying around. This way you get smooth circles instead and dont have to work as much to get them to stay in place without falling out.

Make sure your bolts are pretty short, otherwise they would interfere with other keys on the keyboard. For extra support i hot glued them into the plastic.

Step 4: Moving the Cord.

If the data cord is in the way of your fingers, (as it is in older dell keyboards) you will have to move it. I personally chose it coming straight out the middle, but you could make it look more like a real guitar and have it coming out of the right side. Once again, just cut out a hole, and hot glue whatever needs to go into it.

Step 5: Closing It Up and Jamming Away.

Obviously if it wont close you will have to dremel out of the uper case. This happened to me but was easily solved with a little cut out. This wont happen if you put the bolt farther down instead of sticking up.
Put all the screws back in and add your strap on. Its time to rock out with Frets of Fire. This was also mentioned in "Make a Guitar Hero Kit for Your PC".



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