Add a little safety to you or your child's day-to-day or evening bike ride.  The following few steps will outline how to attach a LED flashing safety light to your helmet.

What you’ll need:

1 small screw
1 small drill bit slightly smaller then the screw.
1 drill
1 small screwdriver
1 flashing safety light

Price: About a buck or two at any Target, Walmart, or other retailer. 
NOTE: You can often get these flashers FREE at health fairs or fitness/wellness events.

The process is a simple one where you will place a small screw into the clip arm of the light to keep it attached to the back strap of your bike helmet.  This makes the biker highly visible since the light is higher and thus, easier to see.  I have found this is far superior to placing a light only on the back of the bike frame near the seat post.

Step 1:

Step 1: Check to make sure you have a strap on the back of you or your child’s helmet that will allow you to place the light on it.  Slide the light onto the strap and confirm it fits.

What did you win ? ;)

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