I can't delete this because it's entered in a contest? Is anyone else getting that?
Wow I really like that lesson from your English teacher. Very interesting!
Amen to your teacher's comments. I am lucky (?) enough to have slim hips and not much butt, so I can wear men's pajama bottoms, running shorts, etc... What makes clothing designers and mfrs think that women don't have the same keys, money, etc... that men do? Oh, I know: women are so frivolous, they'll go out and buy a purse. No, they'll buy lots of purses! Grrrr.. Thank you for this instructable. I'm probably too lazy to actually use it, but it's nice to have options.
Dang i was gonna do how to extend a pocket!
You could change the first, second, and last image so it's not blurry, but still, cool. I was thinking of doing this sometime soon, might try it out.

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