The first arcade sticks I made for the 360 used wired controllers and didn't really need to provide any feedback on the status of the controller connection, so my "Guide Button" was always just a standard green pushbutton.  But wired controllers stink and I've since graduated to using only wireless boards.  But, with those, you really need to know what's going on (sync status, battery level, etc).

Enter perfect solution:  Add a Real Guide Button to the Arcade Stick!

Step 1: Gather Parts

Parts needed:

  • One Xbox 360 controller that is either broken or you otherwise don't care about anymore (which in my case, and for the purposes of this guide, is an old wired controller)
    • This will be destroyed and used to create the other parts needed
  • 30 AWG Insulated wrapping wire (can be found at Radio Shack in a pinch)
  • Electrical tape and/or hot glue
  • Your favorite epoxy
  • 3 eyelets for mounting
No special instructions are needed for taking apart the wired controller since they have standard phillips screws, not Torx.  So open it up and separate out the PCB.  You should remove the entire right thumbstick assembly.  Cutting is a bit easier if you remove the trigger assemblies, but not really necessary.  I also snip the connection wire off up at the board just so it is out of the way as well.  You should really desolder that whole connector and remove it now too (you'll see why later).  That is easier to do before trimming the board down.

Set aside the Guide button and sleeve/light pipe as well as the rubber button contact pad, we'll be needing those shortly.  I also save the rumble motors for use in some other project down the road.  The rest of the controller pieces can be tossed. 

Time to cut apart the PCB!
this is great but how do you get a wireless arcade stick to sync?
just get a crappy ol USB keyboard and use the HOME button between ctrl alt and find a way to use that.. because that brings up the guide aswell if you use a keyboard.. beats the price for a control just to rip apart<br>

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