Step 3: Wiring Schematics

Picture of Wiring Schematics
Using a different power source on the receiver.PNG
How a Relay Works.PNG
The 2 drawings attached show the different ways that the receivers can be wired.  The first is if you want to use the same power source as the receiver, and the second is if you want to use an alternative power source.  For the Compressed Air Rocket I used the first option.

There is also an on/off switch added to the receiver.  I found that the receiver slowly leaks power (it's always on) so you will need to add a switch to make sure you can turn it off when your not using it

I have also included a drawing of how the relay works.  For more info check out this website - its really good at explaining how they work.
vigfus2 years ago
In the diagram in step 3 you show the batteries as connected in parallel but later it's shown in series. This may confuse someone not very familiar with electronics. I'd suggest adding a note or changing the diagram.
dtierce2 years ago
In step 3, the wiring diagram for the batteries shows them in parallel. This is probably an error. In step 4, the photo shows the batteries wired in series to make 18V.